Monday, January 9, 2012

Lost and the Damned Bibliography update

"Library of Alexandria" by Ania Gilmore

I've had another round of new entries for the bibliography, getting a lot of nice entries from the various Chapter histories in the Imperial Armor Badab War books. 

The bibliography is currently sitting at 157 entries, a lot more than I thought it would at this point!  I hope that with your help using sources you may have on hand that aren't listed we can crack 200 before too long.  Just email me through my profile on the right if you have something to add or corrections.

Some of the interesting parts for me so far:

  • There's a lot out there!  Not too surprising over 25years I guess.  I can't begin to imagine trying to compile something like this for Orks or god forbid Space Marines.
  • There are some interesting periods out there.  I enjoyed re-reading about things like the Macharian Heresy and the Fourth Quadrant Rebellion, which would make great backdrops for a campaign or future Imperial Armour books...
  • Some great names like the Seven Daughters of Oblivion, and some neat non-Chaos related factions such as the Bokuran Anarcho-Capitalists,
  • A surprising number of references to various rebellions and cults don't really name the faction involved, which is a shame.  Even if it's a throwaway, I'd much rather read about the marines plowing through something like "the Cult of the Bloody Stumps" instead of just unnamed heretics.
  • At least in the references I've gone through, Khorne is the most referenced power, followed by Nurgle, with Tzeentch and Slaanesh far behind.


  1. Forth-Quadrdant rebellion ? IMMEDIATE RESEARCH into whole in my fluff knowledge.

    Awesome job, i don't understand why the LATD aren't an actual book yet.

  2. There's lots of cool stuff out there, indeed.

  3. You have managed to compile an impressive resource quickly, It's no Apocrypha of Skaros but it's getting there.


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