Thursday, January 5, 2012

Space Sharks - Deathfin WIP

There's still iconography, some detailing and basing to do, but here's the mostly completed "Deathfin", Space Sharks Deathwing 1500pt army.

Dread.  I started on this first as a lark, but caught some hobby traction and rolled on into the terminators too.

Command squad with "Belial".  After seeing some posts about transparent paints I picked some Pactra R/C paints up a few weeks ago and gave them a try on the power weapons.  It's boltgun metal with transparent blue and then transparent green over the top.  It looks OK, but I might end up trying something different.

With it being so cold, I wasn't able to go out and spray prime.  Necessity being the mother of invention, I tried using a Foundation paint, in this case Adeptus Battlegrey as primer/basecoat straight on the bare plastic and metal.  It worked great and gave great coverage, sticking on just fine without actual primer.

Following the basecoat a Badab Black wash and a heavy drybrush with a light grey (I used Reaper Pro Paint Granite Grey).  Other Reaper colors used for detaling, like Tusk Ivory (similar to the GW Bleached Bone) for the Crux and parchment, Dragon Black for the black. 

The chain bayonets came from a big lot of Forge World bolter packs.

I decided to try out the FW transfers; there's a sheet of those making its way over the Atlantic for these fellas.  I plan to also make some squad markings.  For bases for these and the Sharks in general I'm thinking of a sandy desert/beach type base to contrast with the grey, as opposed to my generally preferred urban basing which they would really blend into.


  1. now you have me on ebay looking for 2 cyclone ml & 3 th ss guys... keeping up with the jonses just got serious

  2. These are awesome! You should put fins on the tops of them

  3. This is some rapid progress, and they look good. Can't wait to see them when they are all finished.

  4. @Seneca - Don't you have enough termies already? My my. We'll have to do a clash of the deathwing game sometime.

    @lil will - They have astral dorsal fins, they're just hard to see.

    @Chris - They were quick to paint, a lot faster than I really expected. Of course being able to bypass a lot of the building phase helped with the overall time.

  5. I like your color of grey. Mine just looks like an unpainted mini...

  6. Gigawatts brings up a good point, maybe you didn't paint them at all. Admit your deceit liar! This is photo trickery, shenanigans, multitudinous maleficent misrepresentation!

  7. Awesome army !!

    Great blog !

    Im following you, You can follow me too

  8. @Chris - I tried using Photoshop to make things look painted, but that ended up taking longer than just painting them for real. ;-)

    @DuendE - Thanks!


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