Friday, February 11, 2011

HyperBowl Contest Results!

Hyperbowl 2011 has come to an end!  We had a lot of great entries!  Go back and check them out in the comments HERE, and keep adding new ones (though there's no more contest). 

After a random selection, we have a winner!  The Hyperbowl champion is...

Musings of a Smurf!  Apparently dissing Flash Gits is lucky.  It's like being blue!  Very inconveniently though, Musings doesn't seem to have a way to contact him directly, so hopefully he'll see this.  Musings, email me through my profile and let me know which prize you want and shipping info.  As a reminder, your choices are:

  • Tac squad and captain from the Assault on Black Reach set.
  • 20 on-sprue Catachan Jungle Fighters (excess from the Scythiak project)
  • Tamiya 1/35 M41 Walker Bulldog tank kit, unopened
  • 5 built, unpainted RTB01 Space Marines with bolters, perhaps useful as a small Sternguard squad?
  • Steel Legion lascannon team and Imperial Guard Commissar (axe and hand flamer) both in blisters.

But what's the fun of only one winner when you have five prizes?  Let's break out that d20 and see who else we can get!  Since these winners don't get first pick, please email me ranking the prizes from the one you want the most to the one you want the least along with your name and address. Once I get everyone's info I'll get packages in the mail.

Our second winner is...
Vogrin from Dark Future Games!  He hyped Mogul Kamir, who sounds like a doozy of a buy...if he had a model!

Third is Mephistopheles of Concepts to Realities, hyping a big walking guy who's part of the race that's mastered skimmer tech.

Fourth comes Faolain of Awakening Ynnead , extolling the virtues of an army with Living Metal but a Dead Codex.

Last but not least...well, least in regard to Nuclear!  No, he's not radioactive, that's his name.  He posts over at Host of Hexoatl, and maybe his new model(s) will prompt some updates!  He points out how awesome Daemonhosts are, with their random nature and disallowing Grey Knights in the same army.

Especially for those further down who may not be interested in some of the options, when you email me your rankings, let me know where the cutoff is.  If you don't get something you want, instead of sending you stuff you won't use I'll donate $10USD online on your behalf to either the charity of your choice or to a hobby podcast of your choice.

Congrats to all the winners, and thanks again to everyone who participated!  Keep an eye out for the hype on the new Grey Knights!


  1. Hey, I have sent you an email with my details. Thank you for the great competition, I never win anything usually!

  2. Email received! Congrats! We had a lot of really great entries, but that's the luck of the random draw!

    I've been in touch with all the winners now. Except for poor Nuclear who didn't bother to list preferences since he was fifth, it looks like everyone will end up with their first or second choice. Woot!

  3. Some of those entries were great reading, i still cant stop laughing at how epic it was to read one of them to find out is was about the ratling snipers!
    Truely a simple yet very entertaining competition, great idea you have here mate!

  4. Yep, great stuff!

    Part of me wonders how close these "predictions" might turn out...


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