Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Want Some Tau? Tau Grand Alliance up for sale

I've been thinking of selling this army off on ebay, but wanted to post 'em up here first to see if any of the Discriminating Readers were interested.

I still like the army and have fun playing it, but it's just a tabletop army for me - I don't get too into the Tau background, I'm not dreaming of adding new units, etc. like I am with other armies like Chaos, Guard, or Orks.  In the interest of clearing a little space, a slot in my army rotation schedule for games, and for a little $ for buying stuff for future projects (*coughspacesharkscough*) I'm thinking these are the most likely candidates to go.

I built them as an experiment to see how well sneaky ambush-style Tau, and Tau with no Crisis Suits or vehicles, the normal heavy-lifters of Tau armies, could do.  I've been pretty pleased with them, but again, just don't have the same connection as with other armies.

Some more info, the army list I use with them, and links to batreps of the army in action can be found in the Army Profile. 

There are actually 12 of these guys, one was apparently making good use of his Fieldcraft at the time of this picture.

If you'd like these to grace your own tables, use the contact info in my profile and make me an offer.  Serious inquiries only please.  If I don't get anything solid in a few days I'll go ahead and float them on ebay.  Thanks for looking!


  1. Love the Magilla Gorilla broadsides.

  2. Well, it is sad to see this very unique army go. However, I completely understand not having a connection to an army...
    ...without the connection, anything you do with the army seems like work!

  3. @Tordeck - Yeah, I just really don't care for the regular Broadside models and the Karmans seemed like an easy substitution that fit the alien conglomeration theme too. Check out "Can a Brotha Get a Six" - he's building up a whole Tau army using Karman stand-ins.

    @Mags - It is sad. Were $ and space no object, I'd still have a few more armies besides! If I can't get a reasonable price for them, they'll be sticking around.


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