Monday, February 14, 2011

HyperBowl Prizes Away!

The Hyperbowl prize packages have been turned over to local postal authorities for transshipment to waiting Rogue Traders.  Winners in the North American Segmentum should get theirs in a few days; those in Wales and Australia likely a bit longer.

And thanks to the 11th Company for the contest shoutout, even if it came after the contest ended.  Just happened to be in the middle of some local scrambling on their end to get last week's 'cast up. Hopefully folks will still get to enjoy the other entries.


  1. w00t w00t will recieve my stuff in around a month :P damn international shipping! hehe

  2. Around Christmas I sent some stuff to New Zealand, took 18 days. Hopefully will come a little faster than that.


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