Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scythiak Usurpation - bases update

The weather has gotten colder again so I didn't get to seal them yet, but here's some pics of the Scythiak techno-barbarian contingent (and some friends) that are pretty much done.

Also only a little over one day left for the Tau army auction!  Check it out if you're looking for a completed Tau army that's different from most everyday Tau forces.

Kantor Fett (center) flanked by two squaddies

The sealer will knock the shine off things like the spawn, but there are a couple of other last minute changes I might make.

One, while I normally don't like putting too much stuff on bases, I may add a little bit to the larger ones like the spawn riders and the heavy bolter guys.

Two, having them around for so long makes me second-guess things, and I may try to add some (drybrushed) highlights to the skin.  I darkened the figs up on purpose, but sometimes when I look at them I think it may have gone a tad too far.  Other times I don't, and given that I did a number of shades of flesh, getting good highlight colors for everyone might be annoying, so I may end up passing on that step after all.

Killgore! (center) and friends

Warchief Papa JJ only has one eye, but that's enough to see where his power fist is going

Notbrent (left) and Khorne Dog (with power maul) are stalwarts of this squad
Lascannons to open the tanks...
...and mortars for the passengers.

Kill, Maim, and Burn - some bad mamajammas
Khonan, even more of a bad mamajamma
Some other recruits, the Beldasian Forge-fethers

As a reminder, especially to newer Discriminating Readers, many of the Scythiak are open for naming.  If there's a figure that speaks to you that you'd like to name, let me know and you could become part of the Usurpation!


  1. Cool! lovely bases, nice work!! The Scythiak Usurpation is looking great :D

    Ah! BTW, Killgore's second name should be "Mudflap"! xD

    Love that model and conversion!!


  2. If there is one thing I love its Spawn, the spawn riders, thats a lovely concept. I'm definitely going to incorporate that into some down the road.

    I also love all of the characters. This to me is what is appealing about barbarians, chaos, and orcs, even the normal grunts are like characters, they are not all stoic and perfectly pressed uniforms.

    Great looking stuff.

  3. @Nesbet - Thanks!

    "He leaves woe and destruction in his wake...woe, destruction, and cowpies."

    @PsychosisPC - Thanks!

    The spawn riders are definitely one of my favorite parts of the army. When I plop them down the reaction is always "What the heck are THOSE?" :-) Indeed, making or choosing the right figures for everyone was probably the most enjoyable part of the project.

  4. The chick (4 over from Khorne Dog) should be named Sally. Dont ask me why, it just jumped there when i saw the model lol

  5. I don't think you need to do anymore highlighting on the skin... looks great to me. The variety of skin tones is one of my favorite parts of your color scheme and it seems like it might be difficult to get a good, natural looking highlight color for each of them. I'd worry that they would end up looking either more homogenous or, as a result of trying to avoid that from happening, become overly exaggerated. Of course we're talking about Chaos here so whatever your preference should be fine.

    Really nice work on those bases! I think the bigger ones could benefit from maybe just a little something to make them not quite as uniform in appearance. Not necessarily on each of the larger ones but even just a few total spread across the various units. If you're in the mood though to be finished then they certainly look fine to me as they currently are.

    It's been awesome watching the techno-barbarians come together, thanks for taking us along for the ride! Overall I'd say they look fantastic and really help make the Sycthiak Usurpation one of the most characterful armies I've seen in a long time. It's going to be nice to see the whole army deployed for battle once complete. Great work!!

  6. @Tordeck - The one second from the right, with raised lasgun resting on her hip? Sally Tordecki she shall be.

    @Papa JJ - Thanks for the comments. I'm leaning towards leaving the skin alone and adding something to the bigger bases (60mm ones). Glad you've enjoyed the project so far, there's a lot still to come! Cultists, rough riders, more traitors (recently got a bunch more Steel Legion guys in a trade, so want to throw at least a squad in here), more vehicles.

  7. lol sounds good. That be the one.


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