Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tzeentch CSM - The Heralds of Oblivion

I'm frequently amazed at what I can find in the way of album covers.
I like Tzeentch, but never really cared for the post-Rubric Thousand Sons with the automaton marines, and there hasn't  been a way to really do official Tzeentch without them in the past few editions.  So the new Chaos book with the option for units devoted to a god but not Cult troops appealed to me, especially for Tzeentch.  While I was scribbling lists on vacation recently, I turned to my half-formed ideas for some Tzeentchian renegades again.

So since I don't want Thousand Sons, my mandatory Troops would need to be regular CSM with an Icon of Tzeentch.  It's pretty expensive for small squads, so let's try big ones, like 18-strong to bring down the per-marine cost.  Two meltas to keep the enemy honest and a champ with powerfist for each. 

They'll need some concentrated power to help them, to replace some of the oomph normally spread out among squads.  So 9 Terminators with various weapons and icon of Tzeentch.  Can dish out a good bit of damage and with 2+/4++ should be hard to shift.

Some HQs to round things out and help with some CC punch.  I have one of the new DP models, so this seems like a good place to use it.  Daemon Prince, wings, Mark of Tzeentch, warptime, wind of chaos to help thin out enemy hammer units.  Should have a disc rider, so Lord, Mark of Tzeentch, Disc, Deamon Weapon (Deathscreamer), meltabombs, personal icon.  Should be a good guy to fly somewhere and bring the termies in.

So that takes it to 1500pts, in 5 pretty pricey units.

HQ - Daemon Prince, MoTz, Wings, Wind of Chaos, Warptime (205)
HQ - Chaos Lord, MoTz, Daemon Weapon (Deathscreamer), Disc of Tz, meltabombs, personal icon (185)

Elites - 9xChaos Terminators, Icon of Tz, Chainfist, 2xPowerfist, 6xcombi-meltas (370)

Troops - 18xCSM, Icon of Tz, 2xmeltaguns, Champion w/PF (370)
Troops - 18xCSM, Icon of Tz, 2xmeltaguns, Champion w/PF (370)

For 1850, let's call on the Greater Daemon again, to add some CC power and give me a reason to finally paint that Lord of Change.  For a fast GD delivery system and to keep the Lord on Disc company, 8 raptors, 2 meltaguns, champ with meltabombs, icon of tzeentch.  A few points left over to get to 1850, so upgrade one termie to a champion too.  For an alternative to let me field some Horrors, drop the GD, the raptor champ and the termie champ upgrade, freeing up enough points for 10 lesser daemons.

To get to 2000, throw in two master sorcerers as counts-as obliterators.


Add Greater Daemon (100)
Add 8xRaptors, Icon of Tzeentch, 2xmeltaguns, champion, meltabombs (240)
Add Champion upgrade to one Terminator (10)


Add 2xObliterators (150) (2 single-model units)

I've been thinking of retiring my old Sons of Horus and retasking some of the models for other CSM armies, and the Heralds of Oblivion would be a start to that.  Start with the Tzeentchian faction, then add on units devoted to other gods or undivided as time goes on as different groups and warbands that have glommed together.

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