Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Incremental Insurrection - Scythiak Usurpation 1000pt + lists

While on vacation, spending time as a passenger plus some down time at night at the hotel I had time to fiddle with lists, and I did several that I'll share over the next few days.

First up are the Scythiak, my Chaos Guard army.  I have most of the 2000pts built (except for the two Chimeras and a Hydra), and the painting has started on the Ogryn.  After all that building though, I am a little daunted at trying my normal total assembly line for the whole mass, so wanted to break it up a little and get playing with the army sooner.  So, smaller lists to paint towards were the order of the day.

A 1000pt list was first up, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, letting me use many of the elements that appeal to me for the Scythiak - psykers, cavalry, Ogryn, and Spawn-riders.

Scythiak Usurpation - 1000pts

HQ - Primaris Psyker (70)

Troops - Infantry Platoon
-Platoon HQ 2xFlamers, PW (50)
-Inf squad Melta, PW (70)
-Inf squad Melta, PW (70)
-ML squad (90)

Troops - Infantry Platoon
-Platoon HQ 2xFlamers, PF (55)
-Inf squad GL PW (65)
-Inf squad GL PW (65)
-Mortar squad (60)

Elite - 6xOgryn (250)

Fast - 10xRough Riders, sgt w/meltabombs (110)

Fast - Sentinel with ML (45)

Mortars plink at threats to be annoying and hope for lucky pins.  MLs and Sentinel try to open enemy cans to let the choppy units do their thing.  Primaris hooks up with Ogryn, hopefully saving them from a little shooting and boosting Ld.  RRs move up behind big tall Ogryn until get a chance to charge out.  Infantry tries to avoid dying too fast.

To 1500:

Add Lascannon squad (+105)
Add 2nd RR squad (+110)
Add 4 Ogryn (to 10 strong) (+160)
Add Marbo (+65)
Add 5-man psyker battle squad (overseer + 4 psykers) (+60)

Similar plan, but moreso.  Marbo to try to take out any especially tasty targets.

To 1850:

Drop Primaris (-70)
Add Company Command Squad, regimental standard, 2xflamers, Straken, Chimera. (+225)
Add psykers to full squad (+50)
Add Chimera to psykers (+55)
Add 2 Sentinels w/ML (+90)

To 2000:

Drop ML team (-90)
Add Eradicator (+165)
Add Hydra (+75)


  1. Sounds like a good plan, plus you get all of your signature elements in at all points levels.

  2. Not sure about the list since I never used Primaris, Ogryns, Marbo or Rough Riders but Judas Priest are the awesome!!! Breaking the law!!!

  3. Got a little work done on the Ogryn the other night, woo-hoo!


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