Sunday, October 10, 2010

Special Operations Killzone Blitz 10/10/10 - Ten Team Ideas

So today is the big Killzone Blitz, having some fun with the 10/10/10 date.  I wish that I had some great new, custom-made converted teams to show off, but I don't.  Check around some of the other blogs today, I'm sure there will be some great stuff!  Unfortunately I won't be here to see it for a few days.  Curses!

If you aren't in the Killzone loop yet, check out the other posts using the Killzone label at the bottom of this post, check out Big Jim's Galaxy in Flames blog for the rules downloads, and then come join us at the Killzone Forums to give us feedback about the rules, talk about the game and show off your work.

So I don't have cool models or spiffy tables to show off today.  What I do have are some ideas that someone might find useful or spark some ideas of their own.  In keeping with the 10/10/10 theme, I present ten team ideas:

Ten Killzone Team ideas:
  1. Eldar Corsair pirate crew
  2. AdMech Explorator team
  3. Ordo Xenos Deathwatch Kill Team
  4. Superteam of choice (like Thor with jump pack and thunderhammer, Captain America with storm shield and bike, Hawkeye sternguard with variable arrows instead of bolter rounds, etc.)
  5. Bounty Hunters.  No disintegrations.
  6. Witch Hunter penitent squad.  Not all Repentia, but various SoB seeking to atone Dirty Dozen style for some transgressions.
  7. Ork Mek and underlings/creations.
  8. Spec Ops Group Robinson - group isolated from the rest of their force - shipwreck, errant drop pods or mycetic spores, wrong turn in the webway, etc.  Thrown together, they're doing their best to get back to the main force and do some damage on the way.
  9. Arbites quick response team.
  10. Hive Gang


  1. Great ideas. I'm particularly interested in the Bounty Hunters and SOG Robinson. Great stuff.

  2. lol - I agree, fun stuff.

    I've got to admit, the Superfriends is really, really appealing!

  3. I just watched District 9 and imagined GMU teams, as well as Prawns. I love these team ideas- so cool.

  4. Wow, that's a lot of great ideas. I'm going to work on a Cawdor-based team after I finish up with my Rogue Trader group but you've definitely inspired me to try putting together a team or two from your list. I really like the SOG Robinson and the Sisters penitent squad themes, and the Superteam idea is very appealing and funny as well. Great stuff, it will be tough to decide which team to build first.

  5. Glad folks liked them! For 10/10/10 I originally wanted to do ten teams, ten campaigns, and ten battlefields, but cut cut off by time and creativity. Maybe later!


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