Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kilroy! Err, Killgore! The 40K Minotaur is finished, plus misc figs.

Secret secret, I've got a secret!

OK, not much of a secret - some completed figs, including the first completed figure for the Scythiak, the minotaur master of malevolence, Killgore!  This guy will count as the Bone'ead for my Chaos Ogryn squad, and looks much more impressive than his actual stats indicate.

Slicey dicey oncey twicey claw and fang will kill Dredd nicely! (old Klegg mercenary song)

Meaty beaty, chop 'em neatly, death or glory no retreatee!  For those not familiar with the charming and musical Kleggs, they were alien mercenaries who appeared in an old Judge Dredd storyline, and in some ways may be the idea from whence the Kroot sprung - alien mercs, eat their enemies, have alien hounds...yeah.

Takes a strong back to support that huge noggin.
I really like how his CCW turned out, and am glad repositioned it to make it more dynamic, but that made the face a real pain to get to!

One down, a whole bunch to go!

Next up, a bunch of Lord of the Rings rangers done up as rangers, bandits, or other bushwhackers as needed for RPG storylines, led by a Reaper rogue-type figure.  Very quick and dirty job here, with the washed out look very deliberate, wanted them to look very dingy.

Third we have an old Citadel fig, from the "Heroic fighters of the known world" group.  Basic job, with a cloak from a polar bear or something, and some monstrous blood or daemonic ichor on his weapon.

And lastly, a seeress from the always delightful Sandra Garrity by way of Reaper.  There's a lot more detail on the figure than I took advantage of; the outfit could have been done much more extensively but I was looking for something simple so kept it all one color.

The crystal ball was just white with a blue wash over it, and I tried the wash for her eyes too - just a little bit dabbed onto the white eye, made a little spot of color and filled in the outline in the recesses too.  I'll be doing that again, hopefully it keeps working well.


  1. I am so NOT a fan of Chaos, but I well and truly love that guy. I mean, I LOVE him. He just reeks brutality!

  2. "...I want to thank you, please thank you....Oh thank you..."

    Quick question, whats the size difference between the LoTR Rangers and a Space Marine?

  3. @Loquacious - Thanks! He's definitely one of my faves, in an army full of faves.

    @k.Blas - the LotR stuff in general is smaller than the WHFB/40K stuff, but depending on what you use it for it's not bad. Would be noticeable if you wanted to do something like cut off the LotR heads and stick them on marines though. This guy's figs might help with scale; LotR guys alongside IG heavy weapons:

  4. Wow! Killgore looks great. Really good job on him, that's easily the scariest Bone 'Ead I've ever seen. Nice work too on all the other minis. I think the dress on the seeress model looks quite good, how did you paint it?

  5. @Papa - Thanks! The dress is Reaper Deep Yellow, followed by a GW Gryphonne Sepia wash, then drybrush of Reaper Tusk Ivory, with the ruffle and laces getting more attention during the drybrushing.

  6. Cool, I like the old models; nice job on them.
    killgore is a nice cool idea, I think somthing is off in his pose; but congrats on a cool model any way.

  7. Love the minotaur excellent conversion!

  8. (All of your images are broken. For me, at least. :( (

  9. @griffit - Thanks! The pose is limited from the original mino poses available - the hunched over look, the left arm is a little too far forward to be firing, the pose in general is a bit static for swinging the ccw...

    @Cyborg Trucker - Thanks!

    @Rushputin - :-( Sorry to hear that, hopefully you'll have better luck next time you check in. If not and you want to, email me and I'd be happy to send you the links. You can also see the Killgore pics at my Dakka Gallery (link on right)..

  10. Killgore looks great! I love the CCW.

    Nice to see Lord Aquila (Fantasy guy with spear)make an appearance. It was one of the first models I ever painted 20+ years ago.

  11. Loved the futurist mino!!!
    And his mudflap, OF COURSE! ;D

  12. Thanks folks!

    @Powerposey - yeah, he's a nice fig. Some of the old ones certainly have character.

    @Nesbet - there's a Spinal Tap song in there somewhere...


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