Monday, April 23, 2012

Space Sharks - Assault Marines and revision

Here's the rest of the Space Sharks assault squad.  To refresh your memory, the first three can be found...well shucks, from a quick look through old posts I guess I forgot to post some of the earlier ones!  I did post the first one here back in July (egad, has it really been that long?), but apparently forgot the others.  I'll rectify that below.

A variety of kits were used to make these guys, old and new Space Wolves, assault marines, Berzerkers, Chaos Marines, Sanguinary Guard (for the bolt pistols), Steam Knight heads, regular tactical marines, and an old RTB01 combat attachment for one of the flamers, plus some old Dark Eldar blades for some bladefins.

Left side view.  It's pretty hard to find right-handed chainswords, especially the double-edged kind, requiring some surgery.  I've never had much luck getting the plastic jump packs to fit together well, but didn't want the weight of the metal ones on mostly plastic figs, and didn't want to shell out for fancy resin ones when I had plenty of plastic ones available.  Hopefully the weak paint job will distract from the weak modeling when they're done. ;-)

Right side view.  I decided not to do the wrist pistols for the flame guys, and even left one without a chain weapon for a little variety.  The chain axe on the far right guy is for a little more variety among all the chainswords.

Here's the older guys.  I think only the one on the right has been seen before, but I could be wrong.  Old metal marine/blood claw bodies used for the other two.

Right view.  Some of those blades are bound to mess up aerodynamics, but I think marine jump packs work mostly on the principle of put enough thrust behind it and anything can fly.

Left view.

Getting these guys further along was inspired by a) some more free time and b) the desire to get the Sharks a lot closer to the point where I could paint them.  Towards that end, and with the availability of the Deathfin figures, I decided to alter the plan a bit, include some termies at the expense of some bikes and stuff and add in other things later.

The original list idea was more bike-centered, but most of them, the second tactical squad and the whirlwind have been sidelined for now in favor of the quickest route to a legal list.  Impatience is not the best way to build a list I know, but I'm eager to get these guys completed to the point of playability and move on to other projects.  The other stuff will get done in time.  I may even hit a shark-surge and finish them all, who knows.

The revised list looks like this:
Space Sharks 1500pts
HQ Captain on bike, combi-flamer, lightning claw, artificer armor, meltabombs (180)

Troops Bike squad x5, 2xmeltaguns, sgt w/powerfist (185)

Troops Tactical squad x10, meltagun, multimelta, sgt powerfist, drop pod (235)

Elite Terminator squad x5, assault cannon, chainfist (235)

Elite Terminator squad x5, cyclone, chainfist (235)

Elite Ironclad dreadnought heavy flamer/meltagun, chainfist, drop pod with locator beacon (190)

Fast Assault squad x10, 2xflamer, sgt powerfist, meltabombs (240)

Basic idea is for ironclad pod to come in first, with termies dropping in on the beacon if it survives, tacs dropping on an objective and bikes/assault squad hitting what they can and trying to avoid the enemy mass, or alternatively moving up fast to support the dread/termies in one cataclysm. 

Now that the assault squad is assembled, all I need to complete building to get this ready for priming are two drop pods and five bikers.  Hopefully that will be done soon and I can move on to painting!


  1. Looking nasty and will surely be awesome with some paint!

  2. Thanks Dai! Hopefully the bikers and pods will be assembled soon.

  3. Can't wait to see some paint on them. The conversions are nicely done and I like the theme you made them with.

    1. Thanks Baraccas! Hopefully paint will come soon.


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