Friday, April 13, 2012

Project List update

 I laid out my hobby plans for the foreseeable future back in December.  I've made some progress since then, so here's an update.
  • Space Sharks! - some progress has been made, more to come!
  • Two armored sentinels for the Merkans.
  • Manticore for either Merkans or Scythiak.  Maybe I'll even be ambitious and magnetize some iconography panels so it can either be Imperial or recently captured.
  • 2-3 Chimeras for Merkans.
  • Multiple counts-as Chimeras for the Scythiak.
  • Blob platoon for Scythiak using spare Steel Legion figures.
  • Finish painting second rough rider squad for Scythiak.
  • Killer Kans and Dreadnought for Orks.
  • Burnas, Tankbustas, Lootas for Orks, plus potentially extra looted/battle wagons.
  • Eldar Corsairs - more figures have been obtained, but actual work is probably quite some time away.
  • New and refurbished Chaos Marines for the Endless Ones and associated forces like Sons of Taurus, Tears of Sanguinius, Abbysal Reavers and Heralds of Oblivion.  Probably at least enough to fill out a full FOC.
  • Cheap terminator Deathwing. - DONE!  Completed as part of the Space Sharks, the Deathfin army is complete, at least for now!
  • Zulus for Mogambian army in RPG campaign.
  • Misc Reaper, etc. RPG figs.
  • Ork barricades. Done!
  • Redo city table.
  • Other terrain. Battlescape done, more plans made.
  • Fantasy Warriors of Chaos.
I'm going to try to keep slogging through the Space Sharks and get them done, after which I expect to knock out some smaller side projects before diving back into power armor with Chaos Marines.  I hope to get some time in with my airbrush and get the Sentinels and Ork walkers done as part of the interlude.


  1. Good gawds that's a list.... Much luck on getting half of that done.

    Saying that... I really should make on m'self.

  2. That makes my to do lists look wimpy. And I always plan a lot more than I accomplish.

  3. It is indeed a lot, but it is for this and next year...though may well stretch into 2014, especially if there are a lot of new cool Chaos models.

  4. would you be interested in the Eldar i have for you're Corsairs? i could use some cash for more IG tanks. I mostly wanted them for painting fun anyway lol.

  5. @Impcommander - Perhaps. I have most of what I wanted, but it's a possibility.

  6. Finally! A hobby to do list as long as mine!

    PS: show us more space sharks!

  7. Replies
    1. I agree with Lauby! And its nice to see your such a fan of the newest writers on the team ;)

      PS Nice work!

    2. What can I say, I have some standards, at least as they apply to others. ;-)


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