Monday, April 9, 2012

Man the Barricades!

This weekend I got some work done on a couple of terrain projects, finishing up my long-neglected Ork barricades and my recently-acquired "Battlescape", both from GW.

The barricades have a lot of character, and have tons of parts strewn all over them.  Give a Mek a couple of days with them and you could end up with a pretty good tank!  My favorite bit is the homage to the old Ork Trukk, half buried in the front right-hand section above.  Of course, since these are GW terrain pieces, there are a number of requisite skulls on all the pieces.

Rear view.  String em all out and you should be able to fit a full shoota boy mob behind them!

Here's the Battlescape piece.  I like this piece, the combo of what would probably normally be separate terrain pieces (wood, craters, wrecked vehicle) into one piece is nice, and something we should probably do more often.

I toyed with the idea of making the wrecked Rhino more colorful, like an Ultramarines or Blood Angels wreck, but in the end decided to use it to pay tribute to my Sons of Horus, both for the fact that the first Rhino I painted up was for them and since they'll probably (relatively) soon be repainted and incorporated into my Endless Ones. 

View from the other side.  The trees were painted to try to look burnt out, as I didn't see them as healthy given their lack of foliage/extended branches and the state of the terrain around them.  The big knots I was tempted to paint up as eyes to add a little creepiness and to represent the Chaotic influence seeping out from the Rhino, but I restrained myself for now.  I stained both sets after painting, then sealed (the barricades with satin, the battlescape with matte).  The stain darkened up the battlescape more than I wanted, so I went back over the rocks and ground with a little more drybrush to make it pop a bit more again.


  1. I have one. I'll be painting eyes on it if i ever get back around to terrain building lol.

  2. I've been tempted to get one of the Battlescape sets, I might if I find myself with a little extra cash and a Hobby Town coupon.

  3. @Impcommander - it is tempting!

    @Chris - it's a nice kit. Not something you'd want three of on a table, but one is pretty neat.


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