Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Space Sharks: Bikers WIP

I've repaired second-hand bikers before, but never really built any space marine bikes from scratch before.  I think that they've updated the kit at some point in the past 20 years or so, as I think I remember a few extra fiddly bits in the older versions.  These though went together very nicely.  A simple but pretty well-designed kit.

Above is the squad: sarge with powerfist, two meltaguns, two other guys.  The leaning is intentional.  While I don't plan to make super-cool conversions like some have of guys jumping out of the saddle  I did want to do a little bit of motion with them so some are leaning one way or another, which the bike design takes to pretty easily.

 Here's the sarge, with his fist, extra-fancy bladefin including trophies, and some blades up front to boot. 

 Meltagunner, banking into a shot.  I used the berzerker torso with the chain for him; figured bikers need a chain somewhere.

 Second meltagunner, planning to have him ride upright.  Better profile view of the bladefins here, taken from Dark Eldar stuff, I believe from the jetbikes.  Forgot to shave down the arrow on the chaos meltagun, will attend to that later!

Banking left into a bolt pistol shot.  Sorry for the blurry pic.  Here you hopefully can see the jagged edged left shoulder pad, which all in the squad have.  I plan to make it like a maw, white "teeth" triangles around the edge with red interior.

And the pretty straightforward guy.  I plan to have him with a harpoon (taken from DE raider stuff) along the right side as a lance/ccw/litter stick to give him a little more pizazz, but waiting to glue it on after painting.

Speaking of which, two pods and then I'll be ready to prime and start painting!  I plan to follow Ron's excellent drop-pod assembly guide over at From the Warp, which should hopefully make it a quick and easy process.  If you haven't checked out Ron's tutorials area, he's got tons of great modeling and painting advice up for your perusal; go give them a look!


  1. Awesome! I love to see cool conversions like this! Keep it up!

  2. Nice bikes. And yes, this is Matt.

  3. I hope one of them is named "Finnegan."

    Your army has me all jelly, bropressor.

    I decided that I just want your army. Here's hoping that Ravenwing/Terminators are the peanut butter/chocolate of the new DA codex. I have a blast running bikers and termies. I imagine them like sharks and remoras.

    1. Hmm, maybe...

      I never actually considered doublewing with these guys. I had originally been aiming for nilla SM, with the Deathfin happening semi-accidentally. That's certainly something to consider!


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