Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Battle Report: A Thousand Points of Beatdown - Orks vs. Dark Angels

Some of the local players are in the early stages of a small league, starting with 1000pt armies, with larger ones for some battles.  I was thinking about either using my Scythiak or Orks, but decided to bring the Orks for a test run with Seneca, who narrowly decided against his own Orks in favor of his first love, the Dark Angels.  We set up the table and objectives and battle was soon joined!

The Ork list I settled on focused on speed and compact power at the expense of numbers, except for my trusty 30-man shoota squad for holding ground.

Mega Armor, Cybork Body, Bosspole
Trukk rokkit ram
30xBoyz (Shootas)
3xBig Shootas
Nob w/Big Choppa, Eavy Armor, Bosspole
Nob w/PK, Bosspole
Trukk – Rokkit, Ram
Fast Attack
Nob w/ Power Klaw and Bosspole
Fast Attack
2xKoptas w/TL Rokkits

 VROOM!  The paper-thin trukks worried me without the crutch of the KFF, but at 1000pts I didn't see a good way to squeeze it in without dropping some major stuff, and besides 1HQ should be plenty at 1000pts.

Seneca took a "Greenwing" army, which surprised me as he usually goes heavy on the Deathwing.  He decided that at 1000pts, the termie force would just be too small, so fell back on the battle companies.

He took:

Company Master, power weapon, jump pack (pictured left)

Tac squad, ML, Meltagun, Powerfist, Rhino

Tac squad, ML, TLLC Razorback (combat squadded)

Dread multimelta, heavy flamer

Land Speeder, multimelta, assault cannon


a Vindicator (BOOM!)

Not a lot of bodies, but some good mobility and some big threats, especially to weak trukks!

"For a traitorous time, call Cypher"  AHA!

The Dark Angels won the roll-off and set up, under the prevailing Dawn of War conditions.  The rhino-borne squad set up by one of the objectives near some ruins, while the Company Master stayed inside, checking the bathroom graffiti for clues to the Fallen.

The shoota boys set up in the opposite corner, hunkering down until their mechanized reinforcements arrived to help stomp the 'umies.

Turn one, and the Dark Angels roll on!  The Ravenwing speeder takes the lead, preparing to pounce on any xenos unwary enough to get close.

A second column of dust arrives from the opposite direction, heralding the arrival of the rest of the Ork force.  Bikers head left, while Trukks take to the right.  In the distance, koptas circle around preparing to Outflank the marines.

Side view, end of turn one.

Turn two, and the Angels continue to advance.  They pile out of their transports and shoot at bikers, to little effect.  On the other side they experience marginally better success and stun the Meganobs' trukk.

Ardboys zip forward and prepare to Waaagh down the throat of the vindicator, while the bikers move in on some tactical marines.

Dis betta work boss!

Send da tinboys in first!

The ARdboys make it to the vindicator, and a few also clip the dreadnought to go ahead and tie it up and avoid heavy flamer pain.

Shootas down the landspeeder, and bikers roar into combat after a dakkagun fusilade.

Rear armor 0, Power Klaw 1.  The vindicator is wrecked.  The Dread kills two boys, dropping the mob below Fearless levels but they pass their break test and combat continues. 

The scrum in the middle is inconclusive, 3+ saves on one side and T5 on the other leaves it up to the powerfists/klaws to do real damage.

The Company Master joins the dread against the Ardboys!  The dread can't hold on long enough though, and is felled by the klaw.  At the end of the Dark Angel turn the master faces down the Orks alone.



Shootas shift back towards the Razorback squad and start pumping shells into the marines.

Meanwhile, the Razorback shoots across and immobilizes the Meganob trukk.

Koptas arrive on the right, and the Warboss and his retinue ditch their trukk and head towards another one that still runs.

The Company Master just can't kill the Orks fast enough and falls.  The remaining Ardboys retreat into the ruins behind the vindicator wreck for concealment.

Overview.  The battle in the middle with the bikers drags on.  The Ork right is pretty clear, with a combat squad left hanging in the open in the middle of the Dark Angel side.  On the left the shootas have whittled down the other combat squad.  The sgt retreats into the Razorback, which finishes off the Meganob trukk.

Megas pile into the mobile trukk and tank shock the marines, who hold firm.  Bikers finish off the tacs in the center and consolidate, looking for fresh targets.

Rather than deal with the tacticals right in front of them, the Megas zip over to the Razorback on the left.  The bikers and koptas team up to wipe out the tacs in the open.

Klaws take out the Razorback, and the explosion kills hte last surviving tactical marine. 

All that's left is the lootin'.  Victory to the Orks!

We had time for a second game, so we reset, rolled up another mission and got to business.  Stay tuned for the rematch!


  1. Very cool batrep here. I like how cinematic it felt, with the orks and marines fighting on a hilltop and the orks flowing over it to attack the other marines (feel like theres a story of that in one of the books...) but anyway rant end. Can't wait to see round 2

  2. Thanks. Once I get a little more time (maybe tonight) I'll get part 2 up.


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