Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daddy, are you going to play Warhammers?

Today I got in a couple of quick Warhammer Fantasy games with Josh over at his house, getting a better feel for how 8th ed works.  We did roughly 500pts with Josh running his lizzies and me running his Empire (with some extra models thrown in to fill things out).

I got to meet his lovely family, and it was fun having his kids come up several times during the games to share what they'd been doing, and his daughter had a die of her own that she was very proud to be rolling all over the place.  Future gamers both!

I had a good time, even though the humans got splattered pretty badly both times.  Relative lack of mobility and poor morale both took their toll. 

Steadfast don't mean much at Ld7

At least from the limited exposure here, I think that the new magic phase worked pretty well.  The one roll determining the base power and dispel dice at the same time was pretty cool, both rewards and risks for going big, and the changes restricting the infinite 1-die spells all seemed to work fairly well, at least with small armies with one level-2 caster each.

Maybe sometime down the road, after a few more 40k and misc projects I'll get around to putting my Brets and fantasy Chaos Warriors stuff together.  I'll probably get to them sometime around mid-9th edition...


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