Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Official Lost and the Damned on the way as part of 6th ed Chaos updates?

There's some freaky looking beastmen...

Faeit 212 recently posted up some rumors doubtless gleaned from one of the big forums, but he didn't specify which one.  Poke around places like Warseer and Dakka and you'll probably find more commentary.

Some of the interesting bits were more confirmation that full-on Chaos Marines are eventually going to be differentiated from Renegades, which should make a number of people happy, and will let GW sell more Land Raider variants and Land Speeders to Chaos (Renegade) players.  Also, there are hints that Lost and the Damned and traitor guard focused armies may well be a part of this cycle.

Aside from rules updates, one would expect some new model releases, both resculpts and perhaps some new kits as well as some conversion sprues.  So put aside some of that Necron money and start saving now!


  1. it was from a combination of Warseer and Dakka is the location of the information. They were cross referencing each other so I grabbed the relevant info from both forums.

  2. If GW would simply put a LATD list in WD, I'd be happy. :-)

    I'm not a Chaos player, but I'd love to see some of the CSM legions get their due (own book) like some of the SM chapters. And separating the Renegades would be welcome too.

  3. As a loyal player of LATD, since i started...

    If this were to come out, it would make me a VERY happy Heretic. very happy indeed !!

    Not that the unofficial one from here isn't amazing.

  4. By the dark gods, I will have my vengeance on the universe!

  5. @Natfka - Thanks for clarifying!

    @Der Feldmarschall - Indeed. I think that with what's available now you can do a LOT of LatD flavored forces with IG, Orks, or WH, and with all the marine books you can make tons of chaos and renegade flavors. But having some more gradients would still be welcome.

    @Impcommander - Aw, shucks. I really hope that if they do put out an official LatD that it allows for tons of variety and has some awesome kits. I would love to walk into stores and events and see the kind of armies that you really should run across given the background.

    @Chris - Rahr!

  6. Actually I'm more looking forward to actual renegade IG rules than the legions themselves!

    My CSM renegades are actually painted as such (barring a handful of Alpha Legionnaires), and despite the generic feel of the codex, they still fought the BA to a bloody standstill last night (and who can really complain about that?.

  7. @Da Masta Cheef - True, I hope they have some great stuff for the renegades who don't happen to have gene seed implants.

    @jabberjabber - Me too. I was already planning to redo and expand my Chaos Marines, this will be a good time to do it! Just need to get the Sharks knocked out before then!


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