Friday, October 28, 2011

Watch out for the wire! Battle Report Orks vs. Dark Angels 1000pts

Finally getting around to posting up the second battle I did a while back with Seneca, trying out league lists.

We used the same table as before but switched sides and did a Spearhead Seize Ground with three objectives.  Our lists were the same too, and can be found at the above link. 

Dark Angels set up in one corner, with Dread daring the Orks to come closer. 

The Orks set up opposite, with bikers leading the way for the Trukks, while foot mob prepares to spread out around objectives.  Koptas Scout move behind a ruin and hope to get some early shots at the dread or vindicator to remove the main threats to the Ardboys and Meganobs.

Dark Angels move up and prepare to receive the Orks.

One kopta gets shot down and the other one breaks and flees.  So much for that flanking action!

Orks move up and plink away.

Speeder gets taken out, kopta flees a few more times before rallying. Ork mobile forces push ahead on their left.

One Trukk gets 'sploded and the other one loses its Rokkit. 

Vindicator drops on the other Trukk.  Uh oh!

I think it might pen.

And it does, but only Stuns the Trukk.

Ardboys move up, while bikers assault over the barbed wire into the tactical marines.  Several riders meet messy, tangled ends on the way in.

The Dark Angels manage to pop the Meganob trukk, giving the vindicator a shot at them as they spill out.  BaddaBOOM!

Bikers and marines beat on each other for a while, while tank crews eye nearby klaw nervously.

Warboss piles in to join the bikers, while Ardboys battle the Dark Angel Dreadnought as well as wobby model syndrome.

Battle continues, as Captain jumps in to aid his men.

The Captain fights bravely, but there are just too many power klaw swings coming his way for the Iron Halo to stop them all.  The Dark Angels are unable to stem the Ork advance, and withdraw to plan the next battle.


  1. Awesome. both these games looked exciting.

    Wish i could come on Tues.

  2. At leest doz beekies knows dat GREEN iz BEST!

  3. I love the terrain you guys used! Also looks like a good time was had by all.

  4. @Impcommander - And wish I could make more Saturdays! And more Tuesdays, lately. Oog.

    @Da Masta Cheef - Zaktly.

    @Loquacious - Part of the store terrain at the local hobbytown. Foam rocks, tin can silos and such made by a former employee and player, Mike. The white buildings are a more recent donation from another player, and seem incredibly sturdy.


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