Monday, August 15, 2011

Tank Farm

I did some spraying and basing of the tank farm terrain pieces I got a few months ago and also sprayed a few plastic packaging containers while I was at it.  The top three pieces with the tanks & tubes will stay at home, but the other two may make their way into the bins at the local Hobbytown.  A little bit of paint and some flock can go a long way to making random shapes look like a terrain piece.

(The one on the right is a battery pack, the one on the left is from a balloon-pump toy for my son.  I'm also looking at the package a monster truck came in and grabbed some boxes at Costco the other day...more terrain may be coming soon.)


  1. Interesting...looking forward to the finished product, as I plan to steal any and all good ideas you come up with! ;-)

  2. Hate to break it to you Mags, but that is the finished product!

    I also sprayed up the monster truck container and took it to the store along with the two smaller pieces. My wife had the cameras that day, so no pics but I'm sure it will feature in a future batrep.

  3. Hey, these turned out great! Nice of you to donate a couple of them to your local store.

  4. Thanks Papa! It's at least partly in my own interest, as I play there. There is another piece that will probably make its way there too, but I need to remember to bring it inside and take a pic!


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