Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Space Sharks...are not in this post

With the hobby time I've had available, I wasn't really in the mood to work on the Space Sharks.  During some recent RPG sessions, I did get an itch to work on some of the backlog of Reaper, etc. figures I've been acquiring, and following my own advice to work on what you're in the mood for I did up figures for one of our groups.

To the left here is my character, Christina, a cleric of Pelor, the stock D&D sun god.  I painted this fig a long time ago, but did a few touch ups and changes, notably altering her tabard to coordinate with another member's figure (below).

Specifically, Pinochle, the half-orc fighter, recently turned paladin of Pelor.  I tried to make his axe look like it was forged out of sunlight, something I'll try to work on when we get a chance in-game.

As previously noted in my basing article I've started painting most of the bases for figures to be used in our RPGs white, to better match our common playing surface ( a whiteboard that we draw out maps on).

The third of the remaining original characters, Ribalto, a rogue/wizard (emphasis on the wizard).  Christina, Pinochle, and Ribalto all grew up together in the same orphanage before starting on their current path.

Back view.  I like this fig for Ribalto; the reaching behind his back for something pose while distracting with some dramatic smoke really works for me for a sneaky rogue/wizard.

A more recent addition to the party, Airya, a druidess.  One of the Pathfinder figures, IIRC.

Another more recent addition, Sapphire, a halfling rogue.  I didn't really have much in the way of female halfling figures handy, but a smallish human seems to work.  I went with a blue outfit to help remind us who it was.

The most recent edition, Faye, an elven sorceress who joined us after our monk got killed and the player decided to try something different.  He described her as tan with silver hair.  I stuck her in a black outfit and made the jewelry silver as I thought that would go better with her hair than other colors.

Group shot.  I plan to work on some figs for our other parties too; some of those may show up in the next few days.


  1. What?
    Boo, hiss boo! I want to see Space Sharks! No more of this RPG Stuff!

    ....Actually, really like the Paladin of Pelor Model.

  2. On the topic of RPG's if your familiar with the show "Community", you have to watch the D&D episode it's hilarious.

  3. Thanks Mags! No worries, I'll get back to the Sharks at some point.

    Chris - I've heard that, but haven't seen it yet.


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