Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Mogambians, RPG figs

Hobby progress has been a bit slow lately with many distractions, but I have made some progress.  To the left is one of the characters in my D&D campaign, Septimus Owlshade.  Despite the big book he's holding the character is actually a Sorcerer, not a Wizard.  Soon he will be facing his personal demon; his possessed brother.  Reaper figure.

A couple of weeks ago I also got in a 40K game with Rob (from a prior batrep) and we got in an Ork vs. Ork rematch.  I ran the same army, his was pretty similar but he tried out a Weirdboy and the Shokk Attack Gun.  I was able to dance around him some with my extra mobility and the Kommandos did well, but the Meganobs got pulled down in a big scrum and Rob ended up winning on KP. 

With a couple of painting sessions at John N's house I was able to make more progress on the Mogambians that will feature in upcoming sessions.  The wizard/leader types are mostly ready for washes or stain, but the masked guys need more work, especially on the masks and shields.  On ebay I also picked up a few other RAFM fantasy-African guys that can be turned into personalities.

The lady in the middle row on the left is a Reaper figure.

The varied colors should help me keep them straight, though I'll probably number their bases too.  When you have a ton of bad guys/NPCs in a fight keeping track of hit points and conditions is hard enough without everyone being painted the same!


  1. i really must find some Pith Helmets !

  2. What a pithy comment!

    I imagine that the Mogambians could see some use in Sword & the Flame and similar period games.


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