Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Battle Report: Orks vs. Orks!

At the local Hobbytown today Rob and I were the first ones there, so we staked out a 4x6 and threw our respective Orks up against each other in an 1850pt battle, Annihilation/Dawn of War.  I went second, and here's my deployment, just a large shoota boy mob, with the rest off the table, Grots in Reserve, Kommandos Outflanking, and everything else rolling on Turn 1.

I took my regular Ork list:

Kommander Krumpa’s Blood Axes

Mega Armor, Cybork Body, Bosspole

Big Mek (ride with Trukk shootas or meganobz)
Kustom Force Field, Bosspole, Eavy Armor

Nob w/PowerKlaw, Eavy Armor, Bosspole (cigar and stikkbomb grot)

Battlewagon w/Grot Riggers, Armor Plates, Grabbin Klaw, Reinforced Ram, 2xBig Shootas

10xGrots, Runtherd

30xBoyz (Shootas)
3xBig Shootas
Nob w/Big Choppa, Eavy Armor, Bosspole

Nob w/PK, Bosspole
Trukk – Rokkit, Ram
12xBoyz (slugga/choppa)
Nob w/PK, Eavy Armor, Bosspole
Trukk – Rokkit, Ram

11xBoyz (Shootas)
Big Shoota
Trukk – Rokkit, Ram

Fast Attack
Nob w/ Power Klaw and Bosspole

Fast Attack
2xKoptas w/TL Rokkits

Heavy Support
3xLobbas, +2 ammo runts (piles of ammo)


Rob took:

Warboss with Klaw, other gear
7xNobz, 2 Klaws, 5 big choppas, four TL shootas, one Shoota/Skorcha, red trukk with rokkit

4xLarge foot mobs - one slugga ard boys, one shoota, two sluggas

2x3 Deffkoptas with rokkits

Deff Dredd, 3xCCW, 1xSkorcha

3xLobbas +3 ammo runts

He set up two mobs on the table, one with the warboss. 

From the start, my plan was to try to lure some of his units off to kill my big shoota mob while focusing attention on part of his army at a time.  He had lots of bodies, but if I could try to only fight some of them at a time I'd be better off.  If it ended up as a giant scrum, I'd get pulled down.

Above is Rob's army after the first turn.  The horde surges forward!  The nobs are in the trukk, the Warboss is in the second mob from the bottom, and the Dread can be seen with the mob behind the koptas (3rd from bottom).

My army rolls on and tries to shoot up the enemy koptas.  I do pretty well, until I remember that I needed to roll for night fight - go back and make those checks, and fail horribly.  First turn shooting for both sides comes up empty.

On my left, two mobs and the Nobs take the bait and move towards the shootas.  On the right koptas shoot at trukks, stunning the Ard Boys' trukk, and also run the bikers off the table.  I shift the armored column towards the center and shoot up the koptas, making both units fall back.  One falls off the table but the other rallies next turn.

The meganobs pile out and skorcha the heck out of the enemy shoota mob.  Rob uses good casualty removal  tactics, taking the hits on the horde of guys up front, denying the megas the charge.  He does the same thing on the right where the kommandos came in and flamered another mob, denying the kommandos a follow-up charge.  The Ard Boys on the other end were still able to charge and proved enough to wipe the mob out. 

Here the Ard Boyz, fresh from their success have fallen back away from the Deff Dredd.

View of the left side - the nobs are actually in the trukk, heading towards the main action.  The large foot mobs pulled away a bit, trying to avoid a mega-charge.  This suited me fine, as I didn't want to have to deal with those units anyways.  Afterwards, Rob said this was probably a mistake, as even if one mob died they could have tied down the megas for a while and weakened them enough for nobs/warboss to finish them.

The dredd charges into the shoota's trukk (it had moved slower to allow the boys to shoot) and immobilizes it.  Enemy lobba fire lands on target and wipes my lobbas out.

The ardboys jump back in their ride and skeedaddle away from the dredd.  Sluggas drive up and charge remnants of the enemy shootas.  Megas mount back up and head towards the enemy edge, while kommandos sneak forward.  Various rokkit shots manage to knock one ccw off of the dredd.

An errant lobba shot scatters into the ardboy trukk, wrecking it.  Dredd assaults the slugga's trukk, exploding it.  (I would have likely assaulted the nearby koptas instead, but it worked out alright for Rob).

Ardboys charge into the dredd, and manage to shake it for the loss of one boy.  Not a great result!  Sluggas round the corner and finish off the enemy koptas.

While that's going on, the Megas pile out and assault the enemy lobbas.  A real clash of the titans here!  The grots valiantly manage two wounds, but both are saved.  Scratch one lobba unit. 

The sluggas, flush from their success against the koptas, decide to get a piece of the dredd lootin' and charge there too.  Both PKs whiff against the dredd, and the sluggas run away.  Ardboys hold firm.  Koptas wreck the enemy trukk, and the nobs fail their pinning check.  We roll at end of turn six, and the game ends.

We count up kill points, and end up with a 6-6 tie!  It's true that Orks never lose!

Aside from the game itself, had a fun time chatting.  Made a trade with Aaron for some termies and misc marines for a bunch of Bretonnian men at arms it would probably take me years to get to.  It will probably take me years to get around to these marines too, but oh well.  He plans to use them for some more traitor guard, this time with a more Slaaneshi feel.  Also met and talked with Steve, an old-school player who dropped out when he started a family, but might start playing, or at least modeling again. 


  1. Sounds like a fun game. I need to try and get up to Htown for gaming night and get a game or two in.


  2. @ColKillgore - There's a good # of good folks up there. You're also of course welcome at Taurustown sometime when you have a day/evening free.

  3. This is Steve, good to meet you guys. Didnt take long for me to read up on rule and already put together a 2000 pt Eldar list LOL. Hope to get a game in soon.

  4. Hey Steve, great!

    I'd been thinking about trying again to pull a "And they shall know no rules" event together for new/returning players, will have to give it more thought/check dates.


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