Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mogambians and other RPG figs

 Some more figs for RPGs, continuing to scratch that itch instead of the Space Sharks at the moment.  On the right is a figure for the D&D game I run, a shaman type with ceremonial mask from Mogambia.  I painted him as an albino in tribute to one of the early bad guys from the Imaro stories.  He'll probably be one of the main bad guys, or perhaps one of the tribes will have a high incidence of albinism that they consider blessed.

The other two figs are for a different game I participate in, that's been on hold for years but has recently restarted.  On the left is Luckshe, an Elven ranger, holding the Rod of Lordly Might (tm) my character recently got for her.  She's a sneaky type, with one of her epic moments being back around 3rd level when she snuck up on and subdued a 7th level Druid in the woods.  That was seven levels ago, and before she got her Ring of Chameleon Power or Armor of Silenced Moves.  Her Hide and Move Silently rolls are probably significantly higher than the middle figure, a Rogue who just joined the group.  He came along on the strength of his abilities to puzzle out locks and traps, so hopefully he concentrated his points on those skills and won't feel bad if the ranger out-sneaks him.  For shading on him I only washed him and didn't do any highlights to try to emphasize his covert nature.

Here's a bunch of hastily-painted Mogambian archers.  I just did basic block colors and then used straight wood stain on them.  It ended up heavier on the clothing parts than I wanted so I may go back and brighten parts up, but the big areas of bare skin turned out pretty well.  I grouped them in four groups of ten each, color coded by unit, each with a leader type marked out by the feather on the head.  There's also an overall leader type for the "platoon".

Close up of one of the squads.  The pic is too dark, but this is the group that turned out the best; the stain really works well with yellows.  They're all shiny at the moment, but when I get around to finishing them and dullcoating them that will go away.

More Mogambians waiting for attention.  Hair and wooden areas basecoated, skin and colors remain to be done.  Some good-guy wizard types, more masked warriors and shamans, and an archer that will become a hero-type, probably a good NPC ranger that may help guide the PCs into enemy territory.

I still have a set of Wargames Factory Zulus to do up, but soon I'll have lots of good figures to use for that part of the campaign.  It'll still be a few sessions before they get to them, but I look forward to using them all.  I've thought about if there's a good WHFB army that I could use these guys as, but I'm not really finding a good fit.  Maybe a weak Empire army, perhaps Wood Elves or High Elves.  Archers, spearmen, wizards, maybe some monsters. 


  1. Whoa, nice working cranking out the Mogambian archers! With so many painted or in production, it looks like your players have an epic session in store for them. I think either of the Elf armies you mentioned could work well for them, though my gut says High Elves. I really like the RPG minis too, that shaman guy is great!

  2. Thanks Papa. Yes, there should be some large clashes in future sessions. I have a bunch of the mask guys and look forward to doing more of them, though most/all will have more regular skin tones.

  3. Cool figures--and good to see any sort of homage to the Imaro stories!

  4. Thanks Trey! I need to go back and reread them sometime; some entertaining stuff and it might help me get into the mood for the atmosphere of the upcoming campaign section.


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