Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Raining Marines! Battle Report: Orks vs. Blood Angels, Part 1

John B and I had a game last night, his mixed-model marines as Blood Angels vs. my Blood Axe Orks.  1500pts, Annihilation/Spearhead.  More on that in a bit.

But first a minor interlude, another quick and dirty terrain piece from toy packaging, this time from a spy kit with various odd shaped pieces that makes for an interesting surface.  Probably destined for the local hobbytown to keep its fellows company. 

Shown here with a couple of Space Sharks test models for scale, and to taunt Badab enthusiasts with my lack of progress on that front.

 Before John and Charles came over, my son and I set up the table.  I set out the cloth to mark the 4x6 section, and filled up one 25% section with various terrain pieces.  I went with the desert partly due to playing Orks, and partly to use the recently completed extra tank farm pieces. 

Once the quarter was filled, I moved the terrain off to the side and had Jack place the terrain/direct me where to place things where he couldn't reach.  I nudged him a bit with a few suggestions when he wanted to really clump things up or stack terrain on top of each other, but for the most part he did a really good job I think. 

When John arrived we went over the terrain, making barriers 5+, saying the bases of the wrecked AFVs didn't count as anything and making the blockhouses actual buildings (AV12) with the front lower section counting as ruins.  We rolled up Annihilation and Spearhead, and I actually won the roll for first turn, taking the corner in the top right (per above pic). 

The Orks ready for the game.  With 1500pts, a few of the units shown here didn't make it to the table.

Kommissar Krumpa's force:

Mega Armor, Cybork Body, Bosspole
Big Mek
Kustom Force Field, Bosspole, Eavy Armor
Battlewagon w/Grot Riggers, Armor Plates, Grabbin Klaw, Reinforced Ram, 2xBig Shootas
30xBoyz (Shootas)
3xBig Shootas
Nob w/Big Choppa, Eavy Armor, Bosspole
Nob w/PK, Bosspole
Trukk – Rokkit, Ram
12xBoyz (slugga/choppa)
Nob w/PK, Eavy Armor, Bosspole
Trukk – Rokkit, Ram
Fast Attack
Nob w/ Power Klaw and Bosspole
Fast Attack
2xKoptas w/TL Rokkits
Heavy Support
3xLobbas, +2 ammo runts (piles of ammo)

Orks deployed as above.  With so much of John's army able to drop in, I kept the 30-man mob in regular Reserve and the Deffkoptas went into Reserve to Outflank. 

The Crusade force took:

Librarian in termie armor, blood lance and shield of sanguinius
Librarian dread, blood lance and wings in drop pod
Dread TLLC/ML in drop pod
3x6 man assault squads, meltagun in each
5 regular terminators with an assault cannon
2xLand Speeders, assault cannon/heavy bolter

The Crucifiers' Whirlwind and speeder deploy on the table, joined by an Ultramarines speeder.  The rest of the force prepares to drop in. 

After some confusion around seizing the initiative (note: you don't *have* to try to seize if you don't want to), the Orks roll out in turn 1. 

On the marines' first turn, the Libby dread pods in and dires off a blood lance at the Ard Boys' trukk, triggering a Ramshackle table check.  It spins and moves back the way it came before blowing up, wrecking one of the stuntie tinboyz, but still Fearless due to mob size the rest of the squad soldiers on.

Speeders move up and try to shoot the battlewagon but wind up just short.

The koptas arrive on my left, and I turbo them into the rest of the force, while bikers shift over and the remaining transports pull back, waiting for some more Angels to arrive.  The Ard Boyz move towards the dread that wrecked their ride. 

Assault!  The dread kills one more bot, and the Nob fails to scratch it in return.  Oops.  Orks hold firm though, and we move on to the Marines' second turn.

Jackpot!  Every marine unit in Reserve makes its roll, and the rest of the Blood Angels prepare to arrive...


  1. Wot kindov boyz iz doze? Dey seez dat wrecked Matilda an jus' seez terrain. In Da Long Wayz Dezert Groop, dat iz a good battlewagon!!!

  2. There is indeed a lot of lootin' available on that table, but it's a lot easier to do so after you've gotten rid of the competition.

  3. The tiny Eiffel Tower would make a great array for a lifta dropa.

  4. I figured here it would make for a decent oil derrick. It's a candle, so not sure how well it would hold up for actual modeling! But a similar plastic or metal kit would certainly have possibilities.

  5. It looks like John Boy's Dreadnought has slipped over to the dark side,or the reat are just pertending to be loyalists. There is a fine line between raging Blod Angel and frenzied World Eater, think about it.


  6. The difference is hair product.

  7. Well, there is a lot of iron in blood, so I guess that you can justify it.


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