Monday, August 9, 2010

What armies would you want for opponents?

There are a lot of factions out there in the 40K universe.  There's sixteen different codexes (though 5 1/2 of those are various versions of loyalist marines), each of which can do a number of different army types.  Plus Forgeworld lists, fan-made material and so on.  Despite this range of options, many local "scenes" don't see the same kind of variety.

You have control over what figs you buy, how you paint them, what rules you want to use.  But you rarely have the same kind of control over what your opponent brings to the table, and may find yourself frequently facing armies you either don't give a whisker about or even actively dislike.

But what if that could be different?

If you could choose what your local 40K gaming scene would be like and what kinds of armies you'd get to play against, what would you pick?

Personally, I love the whole Imperials vs. Chaos mess and would love to have most of my games centered around that.  I can have fun playing or playing against the various 40K aliens, but in general I'd like to see waves of Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines and Lost and the Damned type armies on the table.

Ideally I'd get to play against good looking armies of:

*Imperial Guard, various regiments and builds.  Cadians, Catachans, Vostroyans, Steel Legion, Krieg, Elysians, Valhallans, Mordians, Praetorians, etc.  Heck, 40K as as much variety just in Imperial Guard as many games do altogether.
*Space Marines, various types and builds, including at least one good Space Wolf army and a super-elite force like Deathwing.
*Witch/Daemon Hunter armies, various types - all GK/all SoB, puritan/radical Inquisitorial types.
*Chaos Space Marines and Lost and the Damned/Traitor Guard type armies, various types and builds. 
*A sprinkling of Xenos.

When I played my IG or loyalist marines I could fight traitors or aliens, and when playing my own traitors I'd have a variety of Imperial lackeys to battle.  With my own aliens (currently Orks and Tau) I could face anyone, but would probably generally prefer Imperials.

In the larger sense, of course we'd have a variety of game types, events, campaigns and the like.  I'd like to see bigger stories (campaigns, etc.) vs. just bigger games.  The Apocalypse bug never bit me.

Who would you fight if you could choose?  Do you like fighting bugs, bugs, and more bugs?  Anything but Orks?  Sick of Marines?  

I'd fight Shatner.


  1. I prefer balanced lists, save the meta-gamed/optimized/WAAC/kick you teeth in so bad you'll hate the game lists for tourney prep games. In our local group luckily all but a select few have the same attitude. As for specific armies, I'd love to see more Orks, and am thoroughly sick of Space Wolves. Don't much care for demons either, although my Orks seem to be the best defence vs. those.

  2. LOL most of my games are loyalist marines vs my traitor wolves! In fact I love playing space wolf fan boys and watch them as I explain that Lukas isnt a stand in model but is actually meant to be Lukas!

    But for playing against, mate I would crave a game against Orks, every man and his dog plays power armour around these parts and its getting to the point that im going to build an Ork army and damn them all to hell!

  3. If I could choose just one army I would have to say Orks. I think that Orks would be a great fit for my primary opponent: Snake-Eyes. He is all about the assault and I think that Battlewagon Orks would be right up his ally....I just don't think he wants to paint 100 models.

  4. Honestly, I'm a little sick of playing against Imperial Guard and Chaos Space Marines. The former because it's such a colossally bad match-up for my list there's almost no point to rolling dice. The latter, I think, is because every other opponent I went up against during my formative years with 40K ran Chaos; it's in my gaming DNA to roll my eyes when the guy on the other side of the table puts down traitor marines.

    I play against a number of marine armies, too, but for some reason I never get that "Oh, God. Another Marine army? Great." that so many other people seem to get. Not quite sure why that is.

  5. I play Sisters and Grey Knights. Maybe it's just me being selfish with the 3+ Saves, but I could do with not playing a Marine ever again. It's not that I don't like them, per say, I just think that the Xenos armies are so much MORE interesting to fight then Imperial.

    One of the major reasons I choose the armies I did is because I feel the need to be a little 'different', and I HATE games where we're both playing the same thing. So, the fact that Imperial armies all have similar equipment (even if they use them a little differently from each other), just seems... redundant, somehow.

  6. Its getting over the 3+ save addiction me thinks, I still have it with now 2 power armour armies but I vow the third will be squishy!

  7. Interesting to see so much longing for Orks!


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