Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Project List

I've made mention several times about my project list, things getting bumped down or up on the list, but I don't think I've actually laid out my long-term goals here yet.

So here we go!

First, a reminder of what I currently have, then a list of projects and add-ons I'd like to do.

I currently have armies for:
  • Space Marines (Silver Skulls Drop Pod)
  • Orks (Blood Axes)
  • Tau (Shadowsun ambush force, no Crisis suits or vehicles)
  • Chaos Space Marines (Sons of Horus and Word Bearers)
  • Imperial Guard (Merkan 76th)
I previously had, but have since sold:
  • Tau (lots of crisis suits and vehicles)
  • Space Marines (DIY Praetorians chapter)
  • Eldar (Biel-tan Swordwind)
  • World Eaters CSM
  • Fantasy Goblins
I'm currently in the middle of building and painting the Scythiak Usurpation (Chaos Guard).

I have plans to build:
  • Fantasy Warriors of Chaos, with some old stuff leftover from previous army, leftover figs from making the Scythiak, and a large infusion from Papa JJ. Will probably be Tzeentchian and/or Undivided.
  • The Sons of Taurus, my eponymous renegade SM, long-waiting and long-suffering in limbo.  I did a few test figs for them back when I returned to 40K in 3rd ed, but wasn't happy with the results and ended up painting up simple black Sons of Horus instead.  Will either be built with Space Wolves or CSM rules, currently leaning towards SW as I have several CSM armies already, and Bull Centaur "Thunderwolves" sounds cool to me.
  • Space Sharks!  When I was choosing my loyalist SM when I returned to 40K, it came down to Silver Skulls and Space Sharks.  Silver Skulls narrowly won out at the time, but I've had a soft spot in my heart for the Space Sharks from the early days seeing them in the Badab War section of the 40K Compendium.  I have been toying with the idea of finally doing them, perhaps with the Blood Angels book (Seth seems like he'd be a good Space Shark commander).  I had even considered commissioning some custom bits, but now Forge World announced that they were releasing Badab War books, including stuff for the Space Sharks.  My, my, my. 
  • Servants of Decay/Death Guard - combo army, regular Nurgle CSM plus the Nurgle Guard renegades from Vraks III (IA 7).
  • Fantasy Bretonnians  - I have a bunch of these guys, but they keep being pushed back.  If I get heavy into 8th ed fantasy, I may try again to do these guys justice.
One or more of my current armies may have to go to make room/funds for the new projects.  If I start to get a lot more games in I may persuade myself to try harder to hang on to everything, but it's possible that the Tau may go (again) and I may sell parts of the Silver Skulls depending on how high prices for RTB01 guys go, or just re-model/paint them as part of the Space Sharks, depending.  The Brets may wind up going too.

Other non-full army projects on the list:
  • Chop up my city board to make it more easily rearranged/stored/transported, and add pieces to it.  I've gotten a lot of good use out of the board as-is, but it's pretty inconvenient in its current form.  
  • Add some more terrain pieces for my desert and jungle themes.
  • Orks: Build/paint Killer Kans.  Possibly do some buggies and Nobs.  Maybe some Lootas, Burnas, and Tankbustas, along with another Battlewagon or Looted Wagon.
  • IG: Build/paint sentinels (armored, with plasma cannons) for the Merkan 76th, to allow them to go to 2000pts or just as an additional option for smaller lists.
  • Scythiak: add other unit options, like Stormtroopers, more tanks, beastmen/penal legion, more squads, perhaps a Valkyrie.
  • Refurbish the Sons of Horus, or even potentially turn them into something else.  

Plus tons of misc. Reaper/Ral Partha/etc. figures.  I'll often do a few of these in between big army projects for a little variety, but the unpainted pile keeps growing faster than the painted pile.

I think that's it as far as things that may actually someday get done.  There's also some pie-in-the-sky ideas, like the Pulp serial "Dark Eldar" army, full of dashing heroes with rayguns in rocketships, Tomb Kings, Iron Warriors, White Scars, Deathwing, etc...but these are mostly "wouldn't it be neat" ideas, not things I have actual plans for or have started to collect figures least, not yet!


  1. Lets see some Space Sharks and zombie guard!

  2. Heh, I used to have a Silver Skulls army. I started them back when I had both Iron Hands & Iron Warriors armies. People kept getting the two confused, and I found it amusing to confuse them further by painting up another SM army that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Iron Warriors.

  3. Space Sharks for the Win!

    Also, I would really like to see the Chaos Guard up and running.

    Oh, some pictures of the Silver Skulls!!

  4. @lil will and Mags - I look forward to seeing what they come up with for the Space Sharks both with some anticipation and some trepidation. Hopefully between FW, 3rd party sculptors and my own meager efforts I'll come up with something good.

    Scythiak are in progress, zombies and Nurgle will be a bit further down the road!

    @DMC - That's just cruel. Love it! ;-) That is part of my conundrum with the Silver Skulls/Space Sharks - I want a lot/all beakies for the Sharks, and grey/silver are kinda close. May end up rolling the Skulls into the Sharks.

    @Mags - see for some pics of the Silver Skulls (or just scroll down on the right for the label)

  5. I want to hear more abou tthe pulp serial "dark Eldar" army?

  6. @ColKIllgore: I laid the idea out here:

    I love the DE playstyle, but don't really care for the DE themselves.

  7. It's nice to see all the projects you've got either in the works, planned, or up for consideration. Your testimonial about the long-awaited Sons of Taurus makes me feel better about dragging my feet on those Stonecutters. Thanks for the pick me up! So many projects, so little time.... Oh yeah, I think your idea of doing bull centaur Thunderwolves is awesome!

  8. @Papa - glad to make you feel better about your own procrastination. Just got one of the bull centaurs in the mail...


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