Saturday, August 21, 2010

Forge World wants my wallet - Space Sharks!

First they start kicking out old Marine armor mark kits. 

Then they make some announcements at Games Day for what's coming down the pipe...including Badab War IA books! 

Props to those passing this info along.  An example thread can be found on Dakka with a nice summary by Sarrazon which I'll quote here:

Alright, I attended the seminar about it today, so this is what was said about the Badab books, and FW's other stuff.

Badab is two books (IA 9 and 10), and is pretty close to finished.
Also working on IA 11 - more on that in a bit.
Re-releasing IA 1.

Badab War book 1 will have lots of background and color schemes for the various chapers, rules for boarding actions, a list for Huron's traitors, and lots of special characters for the normal marine 'dex. Book 2 will have more background, schemes, and special characters, as well as a Siege list for Marines, and information on SM sieges. Also (I believe) some BSG rules. Red Scorpions are getting more upgrade packs (Honor Guard upgrade for the command squad kit and a librarian), and Huron is getting a new model. Also, to my great joy, and much amusement when I asked, Space Sharks will be showing up in the second book.

IA 11 will be Eldar and Space Wolves, set on an ice world. Pictures of some in progress stuff for Eldar was shown, including the Phantom Titan which was ridiculously huge - the base was taking up a good portion of a 2x2 Realm of Battle board, and the Falcon shown for scale was in the same size area as its feet, and an unnamed eldar light tank which looked sorta like a cross between a falcon and some of their fliers (one of the few things my phone could get a decent picture of, so that might be up in a while).
Unrelated to the above, also shown was the mother of all Grot Tanks, and a Necron model (unrelated to any book) being in production was mentioned. 
That's right folks - Forge World Space Sharks!

I've long loved the Badab War storyline, and look forward to these, which while unfortunately spread across two books, should provide a lot of good stuff.  Splitting the space vs. siege stuff makes sense, so I can forgive that.  All those different marines and schemes back in the day fueled my 40K imagination, I almost did Space Sharks for my first real army, and my yet to be done but long brewing eponymous renegades are a result of the Badab War.  The books themselves combined with Space Shark kits will make my finances scream a bit I'm sure.  I'd already planned on putting Space Sharks in the project list, but this might bump them up the queue a bit!


  1. The Badab War sounds cool. I'm a SW player so IA 11 sounds good as well! Thanks for the info!

  2. Did you see the new huron model? Its amazing

  3. Do they have frickin' lasers on their heads?

  4. What? No love for the Mantis Warriors? Who doesn't love green armor with a silly stylized bug as a chapter symbol?

  5. Space Sharks huh?

    Yup, I'm in trouble...

  6. Haha... can't wait to see what they have in mind for the Space Sharks. Think we'll ever see a return of the Rainbow Warriors? Let's hope not!

  7. I actually saw someone on Warseer IIRC doing some pretty interesting stuff with Rainbow Warriors, going with an Aztec theme. Not my cuppa, but interesting.


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