Sunday, August 15, 2010

Island of Blood starter set for $100?

Now, I'm normally not one to price gripe too much, but geez.

First came the 8th Ed WHFB rulebook,  weighing in at 74.25USD.  Many, myself among them, decided to just wait for the starter set instead.

Then that starter set arrives, Island of Blood for 99.00USD.  Hmm.

Seems like just a few years ago when the hardback books were in the 40-50USD range, and the starter sets were 60-75USD.  Don't get me wrong; the minis in IoB look pretty nice, but I have no real interest in a Skaven or HE army, reducing the utility, and that's probably the case for most players too.  I also question some of the choices - while the lord on Griffon looks great, you're not likely to field more than one, cutting down on the value of the "buy two and swap figures" plan many do with the starter sets.  I've seen people with whole armies built out of multiple sets of Black Reach Orks or BfSP Gobbos and Dwarves; that seems less likely with Island of Blood.  

Since I have had a fantasy army bestowed upon me, it would seem crass not to get back into WHFB at some point, but I imagine I'll just be ebaying for a book and maybe a few specific figures like the Rat Ogres instead of plunking down for the whole shebang.

For those of you interested in 8th ed, are your WHFB plans?  Did you already get the big book?  Plan on Island of Blood?  Both?  Piecemeal approach?


  1. I don't play fantasy, and this is making me glad. I thought 40k was pricey.

  2. The last starter set was 48 dollars when it came out. Minis were not as nice but you got more and some counters/cover and a set book with unit stats collected for you and had atleast some training battles that made learning the game for two newbies possible. Maybe not all that fun but at least possible.

  3. I'm looking to buy the mini-book off of someone that buys more than one boxed set!

    I think that $100 would be way too much for Battle of Skull Pass (where many of my Dwarf Army figs come from), but the models in IoB look so superior to BoSP that I don't think $100 is too much.

    Now whether it is too much as a "starter set" for someone trying to get into the game, I'm not sure, but I'd be willing to bet that most of the boxed sets will be bought by people that are already into WHFB and not new people.

  4. yes, it's so expensive, and I'll tell my situation: I'm thinking to return to play fantasy but, for play is best the mini-rulebook, the other is so big, but i'm not interested in Elves or Skavens, and what can I do? buy IoB? buy the rulebook? So i'm thinking on leave fantasy for a far future... The rulebook in spain: 60€ and IoB: 78€ but in England is cheaper cause the money change.

  5. I will pick up the IoB starter eventually. I have Skaven and High Elf armies so I can use all the figures. I will probably trade for more of the Skaven figures because you can never have too many clanrats.

  6. FYI for folks considering, TheWarstore is offering free shipping if you preorder 2+ sets. Save a few extra bucks above and beyond the normal discount if you were going to get them anyways.


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