Thursday, August 5, 2010

Scythiak Usurpation - WIP Possible Russ

Just a WIP shot of a potential Russ for the Scythiak.  I have some other tank chassis I was thinking of using with a Defiler turret, but when I saw this at the local store for a reasonable price I grabbed it to see how it would look.  Figuring that the Defiler turret would look a little small on this, tried out a leftover turret from the Ork battlewagon.  Overall I like it.  It's about the same width as a regular Russ model, a tad longer and especially with the Ork turret a good bit taller.

For those who may not recognize the chassis, it's an M3 Lee, an early US design from WWII.  One of several early WWII tanks that had the main gun in the hull, with a smaller gun in the turret.  All the high profile of a tank and all the arc of fire of a self-propelled gun!  For a long time I've considered doing some Russ conversions based on that generally poor idea, with battlecannon in hull and lascannon in the turret.  For this one, I decided to build it like a "normal" IG tank, with main gun in the turret and lascannon or HF in the hull.  It's got lots of flat panels and rivets, helping it look like a 40K tank.  There's enough space on the sides if you'd want to add sponsons, but I don't plan to.

If I end up using this, I'm not sure if I'll keep it as the Eradicator with HF (and accordingly chop off/replace the hull gun), or if I'll run it as a regular Russ and keep the hull gun largely as it is, calling it a lascannon.  In either event extra decoration, spikes and iconography will be added.

Even if I don't use it for this, it'll get used at some point for the Scythiak, or my regular IG or the Orks.  It's a good deal, and the 3rd-grade skill level is a good fit for me.


  1. I'm impressed with how good that ork turret looks on the M3 and I think it would be a nice fit for the Scythiak Usurpation, especially once you have fully chaosified it. Great stuff, Sons!

  2. Heh, I had once tried using a Lee as a Battlewagon, but couldn't get it to look right and gave up on it. (that attempt predated the current BW kit) Amusingly though, i have that same turret on a WWII greyhound armored car to use as a looted wagon.

  3. Not to shabby. I think you really could make it work. The kitbash will give it an appearance that will fit the over-all feel of this army and their rough nature.

    I think it would work good as an eradicator

  4. That turret looks like it was made for that kit.

    Made to be an ork tank, but made for it nonetheless.

    Third grade. . . I miss recess.

  5. We called it a "Grant" and despite its shot comings it was an excellent tank when it arrived in north Africa.

    It looks like a good kit and the right size it fit into a 40k army.

  6. Thanks all!

    @Jason - definitely sort of Orky, hopefully the extra spikes and stuff added later will help push it more to the chaosy side.

  7. $12.99? That's a steal! I love the ork turrets (use them on my Chims) but the collar seems out of place on that chassis. You might dump it and sink the turret into the hull, otherwise it just looks too tall/awkward.

    The hull gun is more of a toss-up. It looks decent, but if you want to you could nip off that barrel and swap in a Valkyrie Lascannon bit.


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