Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scythiak Usurpation - WIP Russ part 2

Second WIP on the M3 traitor Russ stand-in, with regular Russ chassis on the left for comparison.  As you can see the M3 is basically the same width, but is a good bit taller. 

Side view, showing that the M3 has a good bit of extra length.  Despite the height and length I think it's a good stand-in.  A smaller scale tank would wind up too small for the extra decoration and the turret.

Couple views of the extra decoration.

Paint is coming for the army!  The past week I've been away, this week is a bit crazy, next week school's starting up again so I'm not sure how busy that will be, but once I get in the groove there should be time for some painting sessions.


  1. I love the renegade guard tank conversion. The only problem I see is that it will take a big piece of terrain to give you a cover save for it. Guess that tank will just have to be part of your lead element. :-)

  2. Great idea for a conversion, but the extra height added by the bit between the turret and the tank seems a bit much. Any thought to remove or at least center that on the tank?

  3. @Mags - yes, it will be able to be shot pretty easily, and will have long flanks to boot. I don't mind it getting shot at; every AT weapon pointed at it gives another Ogryn a turn to get closer. ;-)

    @the other Keven - I did indeed originally try it without the spacer, but without some kind of spacer it sits too flush with the hull and would have problems rotating without shaving off those little dividers on top. The BW spacer fits reasonably well in the area, and IMO adds another element to the asymmetrical look of the tank, which to me is part of the appeal, so no centering either.

    I do need to come up with a name for this tank pattern, hmm...

  4. I would suggest your ork-ify the rest of the tank to match the turret... perhaps just some extra plates welded here and there...

    Cool idea though... I use Chimera bases for my Leman Russ tanks (I just don't like the model)


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