Friday, April 30, 2010

Five folks to look at

In case you haven't poked around on my profile to see who I follow, here's a couple of folks with some interesting counts-as armies and conversions that you may not have seen before:

Gates of Morpheus - a Swedish DKoK player who's also working on an interesting Dark Angels army using the Space Wolves rules.

Forge 40K - I love any Traitor Guard, and his using some converted LoTR figs looks interesting.

Hungry Ghosts - A Chaos Guard army, using old RT squat figs? Doubleplusgood.

My Little World of Dementia - One of my (relatively) local players, lots of variety on his site plus dig around for his AdMech IG.

Plasticfish Online - Did I mention that I like Traitor Guard?


  1. Hey, Thanks for the shoutout. I guess I need to post up something current to be one of the cool kids.

  2. You sir, for posting these shout outs, are double plus good. Thank you, I've added them to my subscription list. :)


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