Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Renegade Dilemma

So, as is my custom, I've been neglecting the army I currently have on the painting table to think about future ones.  The current army occupying my thoughts is my eponymous band of renegades, the Sons of Taurus.  A group of Minotaurs Space Marines bitter over being slighted over the spoils of the Badab War and corrupted by captured texts and prisoners, they fell to Chaos.  Realizing that they would always be second to the Legions if they committed to one of the major Powers, they found a lesser power to serve, Hashut.  He would protect and empower them, and they would work towards increasing His power and glory.

But what codex to use?  Therein lies the Renegade Dilemma.

Codex: CSM is an obvious choice, especially for those further along the path of damnation and well versed in the ways of the warp.  You get access to all that chaos goodness like daemons, daemon princes, possessed, defilers, oblits and cult troops.  But there's a lot you give up once you leave the light of the Emperor, like Whirlwinds, Thunder Hammers, drop pods, scouts, speeders, and two out of three flavors of Land Raiders.  Not to mention all of your Storm Bolters start acting funny.

For the more recent traitors though, perhaps Codex: Space Marines or one of the variant SM books is a better way to represent them.  With some creativity, these books could also be used to represent some pretty chaotic things too.

Of course with some planning and extra models, you can make an army that can switch from book to book as desired - power armor is power armor, a bolter is a bolter, a Rhino is a Rhino and so on.  But I think I'd rather commit to one book.  But which one to use?

Codex: CSM would let me use a fantasy minotaur for a Daemon Prince (like bsmoove made for his Arrugginiti ), summon daemons and so on.  I could go for cult troops, icons, even experiment with things like Fabius Bile's enhanced warriors.  It would seem the natural way to go for renegades, but I would want to do something a bit different with them as I already have two other CSM forces (and plan on some Deathguard someday too...).

Codex: SM would be the other natural way to go.  Lots of tactical options, dreadnoughts that aren't crazy, and the opportunity to defile some land speeders and attack bikes.  But could one of the variant marine books work better?

Dark Angels...could be good for some renegade options, but doesn't feel right for these guys.  Maybe for an all-Terminator version...

Space Wolves are pretty close to the basic CSM, with Grey Hunters having BP/CCW/Bolter.  With Mark of the Wulfen you can have possessed equivalents in each squad, they have some nasty psychic powers, and the Thunderwolf Cavalry could be used for CSM versions of the old Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs.  It's a tempting option.

Blood Angels - psychic dreads, FNP fearless nutjobs, a DP-wannabe, it has potential for a chaotic force, but I don't know if it's right for these guys.  But Seth could make a fun captain for a future Space Sharks force...

Black Templars - some potential, with falling forward to represent a good bit of traitorous rage and/or desperation.

Perhaps someday I'll actually get around to making the Sons of Taurus.  It's been a decade since I originally planned them, maybe it's time soon.  Once I get my IG finished and Traitor Guard done, and figure out which codex to use for them maybe they'll be next on the project list.

Do you have renegades of your own?  If so, how did you solve your Renegade Dilemma?


  1. As you know from the name for my army (thanks again), I have decided to collect a CSM army. However, once I get the bulk of the miniatures I traded for painted and maybe flesh out the army a wee bit; I really plan on expanding the army into a Space Wolf force. I like the potential for simple conversions that could make a very unique Space Wolf army.

    I think it comes down to what you want to represent with your army. The fact you like have picked the Minotaurs means I think it would be awesome to see you field Beastmen Centigors as Thunderwolf cavalry.

  2. For my Renegades when I am not using my Fandex, I either use the Chaos Marine codex, or more recently the Blood Angels codex.

    I agree with Mags, Space Wolves would be an interesting choice.

  3. For you pre-heresy folks out there, Rusty Dice discusses choosing an appropriate book for PH legions here:


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