Thursday, April 22, 2010

Drama: Nerdrage Edition!

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If you bounce around to different sites and blogs you've probably caught at least a part of it. The member-measuring and sniping at other sites that seems prevalent in a number of places. Dakka vs. BoLS vs. DLT, YTTH vs. CF, etc.

To paraphrase Rodney King, can't we all* just get along?

*except of course for those Warseer wankers.**

**I keed, I keed.


  1. Sadly, scape-goating and social one-upsmanship are human nature. There's a crap ton of books on it... and a few sites dedicated to sitting back and being amused by the wank.

    People invest a good amount of time and emotion into their chosen venues... and rarely are they wiling to admit "that guy" over there is doing it better. It's much easier to talk about how "that other guy" sucks, boosting your own ego and hopefully securing a greater reader loyalty through inclusionism.

    I had a fling with a lady that got her PhD in psycho-analyzing online group interactions, posts, cross-posts and other wanks. Certainly gave me a new and even more cynical perspective on it. Plus hey, in true "Razzle Dazzle", it's much easier to cross-post wank than it is to actually write a real article... still drives ad revenue too!

    Hrm. Maybe I should go back to my happy place...

  2. Sometimes the best way we can do for blogs, is ignore their attacks at each other and not comment on them. Just move on and wait until they put out useful stuff (like tactics, army lists, paint guides etc...) As for forums there's nothing we can really do about stuff like that, unfortunately...

  3. I think I missed a lot of the drama. I caught the BOLS vs YTTH stuff, but that's it. Hell, I don't even know what CF is.

    Clearly, I need to waste more time on the internets.


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