Friday, April 2, 2010

Victory is Mine! (Part 2)

Fresh off my winning a blog contest prize last month, I win another!  Over at Table Top War Magilla Gurilla asked for help naming his Chaos Marines, and a number of cool names were offered up.  He decided to run a poll contest to see what people liked, and one of my suggestions, the Hounds of Hati, won!  As a prize he's sending a basilisk and some 'cursed' dice.  This was especially nice since when we offered help there was no talk of a contest or prizes.  Cool to be rewarded for what you were going to do anyways!  Since I've been the beneficiary of a couple cool contests lately, I think I'll see about doing a contest of my own, maybe next week.  Stay tuned.

Once I get this bassie and the traitor marine from the earlier contest I'll have a couple more projects to work on.  The traitor marine will be joining five others I have and forming a Noise Marine unit for my Sons of Horus, a gaudy, overpriced (mostly due to the Blastmaster) backfield objective holder unit.  The fate of the basilisk is up in the air.  Use it for my Merkan 76th IG?  My upcoming traitors?  Either way, keep it as a basilisk or convert to something else?  Alternatively, use it as a looted wagon for my Orks? 

Any thoughts on what I should use the basilisk for?

1 comment:

  1. Glad you like the win!
    I really think you should do traitor guard. I like the idea and if I had even a smidgen of converting skills I would make one myself....oh wait, I still have this Chaos/Space Wolf Army to assemble!


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