Sunday, January 31, 2010

English for Wargamers

OK, I normally try not to be too tight about these things.  But just as a reminder:

This is a HORDE:


This is a HOARD:

So please, don't go around posting about your hoard of Orcs.

Just remember this simple mnemonic device and you'll do fine:

"The horde of dragons rested on the hoard of gold they had earned from when they whored themselves out."


  1. One man's raving mob is another man's treasure!

  2. Another one that gets me is Ravener/Ravenor. Never ceases to bother me.

  3. Another example is Rogue/Rouge Trader. Who wants to play a game about lipstick merchants?

  4. Yep. I also expect to see a lot of Blood "Angle" armies start up in the coming months.


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