Wednesday, February 3, 2010

That Little Bit Left Over

Yesterday I was talking with two players who were getting ready for a game.  The Ork player was finishing his list and wasn't sure what to put in for the last batch of points.  I said, "Divide by 6, add boyz."  His opponent got a kick out of that and it got me thinking. 

When you're making a list, get your basics down and find you have <100pts left, what do you throw in for your various armies?  Do you add another unit?  Beef up existing squads?  Add in upgrades to characters, squads and vehicles?  Do you have some favorite things that you don't "need" in a basic list, but you're happy when you have room for them?

A couple of examples from my own armies:

*Orks -after I get my various units of trukk/battlewagon borne boyz and meganobz down alongside my big footslogging shoota mob, if I have points left over I find myself looking for my Lobbas.  I've played games without them and really find myself missing them, even more than things like Bikes.  Big Guns of any variety are good for this use, as they're cheap and easily adjusted to fit most small point surpluses.

*Space Marines - for my drop pod army, I usually leave Deathwind launchers off when first making the list, so when I have points left over they're often the first thing to go back on to the pods that plan on getting up close and personal.  If I still have room, my lonely Multi-melta speeder makes an appearance too.  With full pod squads running over 200pts, it's nice to have some cheaper elements to help plug the little holes when you can't afford another full squad.

*Chaos Marines - when making smaller lists, I usually end up paring down my Lesser Daemons, so when I have a few points left over they usually go back into bringing these guys back up to strength.

How about you?

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  1. Hrm. Generally, I build armies from units that are kept lean and free of excess guys and upgrades. Yet I find a lone extra guy or two are usually less useful than a couple key pieces of wargear. So extra guys add in if there's enough points to really flesh out the squad to a useful build, but otherwise I favor adding that extra wargear.
    Plus, you're less likely to ruin a unit's utility if you're adding rather than subtracting.


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