Thursday, January 7, 2010

Counts-as Army ideas, part 5 - Dark Eldar

This is one I've had floating around for a while, and may even do someday...

The Pulp Sci-Fi army! Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, Mongo and Barsoom, rayguns and rocketships! While I'd probably do mine in color, I think it would be a hoot if someone painted them up to look like they were on black & white film.

The basic army will be human/alien troopers with fancy rayguns for the various blasters/dark lances and so on, with hover skiffs/rocketships for the Raiders and Ravagers.

Some example miniature possibilities: (especially the US Rocket Corps and the Weird Menace section)


The Hero (Archon/Dracon)
-Extraordinary swordsman, raygun, capable of amazing feats.

Mad Scientists (Haemonculi)
-Not-quite right folks with even more fantastic weaponry than the rest of the force.

Royal Guard (Incubi)
-Elite sluggers on loan to The Hero.


Sharkmen! (Wyches)
-Tridents, nets, bad attitudes.

Plasti-men! (Grotesques)
-Many attacks pass right through or bounce off harmlessly. Creations of the Mad Scientists.

Red Wolves of Zongor (Warp Beasts)
-Semi-tamed fauna from the wilds.


Troopers (Warriors/Raider Squads)
-Humans/aliens with rayguns. Sprinkle species, skin colorations and uniforms to taste.

Fast Attack:

Rocketbikes (Jetbikes)

Hawkmen (Hellions)

Heavy Support:

Rocketpack Troopers (Scourges)

Rocket Gunship (Ravager)

TOBOR 2000 (Talos)
-Another creation of the Mad Scientists.

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