Thursday, January 7, 2010

Counts-as Army ideas, part 6 - Eldar

Ah, the Eldar. Fine psykers, skilled warriors with powerful weaponry, fancy energy fields and hovertanks. What kind of counts-as army could work well with their rules?

How about a remnant human splinter from the Dark Age of Technology, or a historical force representing a force from the late DAoT/early Age of Strife? There are plenty of pre-Heresy armies floating around, why not some pre-pre-Heresy ones?

The army can have regular troopers (Guardians and derivatives), enhanced warriors (aspect warriors, representing the kind of genetic engineering that eventually led to space marines), lots of high-tech devices and emerging psykers.


Battle Leader (Autarch)
-Skilled enhanced warrior, variety of high-tech gear and weaponry available.

Psykers (Farseers/Warlocks)
-various powers, witchblades as proto-force weapons.


Enhanced Warriors (Striking Scorpions, Fire Dragons, Howling Banshees)
-Various specialist squads depending on weaponry.

Men of Stone (Wraithguard)
-Artificial humanoids toting mini vortex launchers.


Troopers (Guardians, Storm Guardians, Guardian Jetbikes)
-Soldiers with early versions of what eventually become bolters along with crew-served weapons, and assault/bike versions.

Enhanced Warriors (Dire Avengers)
-Armed with better versions of the prototype bolters, better armor, access to some other weapons/tech.

Snipers (Rangers/Pathfinders)
-Back when cameleoline was fresh and new.

Fast Attack:

Enhanced Warriors (Warp Spiders, Swooping Hawks, Shining Spears)
-More enhanced warriors with various specialist gear.

Light Hovertank (Vyper)

Heavy Support:

War Wheels (War Walkers)
-Same role, heavy weapons on big spinning wheel instead of legs.

Enhanced Warriors (Dark Reapers)

Hovertanks (Falcon, Fire Prism)

Men of Iron (Wraithlord)

Vortex Launchers (D-cannon support weapons)

Not really that big a departure from regular Eldar, but could be fun for a modeller to create pre-Imperial versions of various things.

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