Thursday, January 7, 2010

Counts-as Army ideas, part 7 - Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard!

We did Codex: Eldar with humans, so why not Codex: IG with Eldar? Namely - Exodites! With S3/T3 and usually poor armor, should be a fairly easy fit.


Farseer (Primaris Psyker)

Noble (Company Command Squad)
-Guardian officer.

Autarch (with Guardian escort) (Iron Hand Straken)
-Inspirational leader and kick-*** combatant in his own right.


Exodite Warriors (Storm Troopers)
-On the frontiers, without as many Aspect Warriors the Exodites have had to maintain larger standing armies in addition to Guardian levies. While no match for Aspect Warriors, the Warriors have superior equipment to the regular Guardians and often have some experience as Rangers.

Elite Scout (Marbo)
-Elite Pathfinder with a special surprise package.

Alien Mercenaries (Ogryn)
-For larger engagements sometimes the Exodites call upon auxiliaries such as Loxatl mercenaries.


Guardians (Veteran Squads)
-Out on the frontier they find lasers easier to maintain than shuricats (heck, old guardians used to use lasguns anyways) and distinctions between Guardian Defenders and Storm Guardians become blurry. Some even begin to take on the battlefield role of Rangers (Forward Sentries doctrine).

Corsairs (Penal Legion Squad)
-Eldar Corsairs operate across the galaxy, and can alternately take shelter among Exodite communities or come to their aid in times of need.

Fast Attack:

War Walkers (Sentinels)

Dinosaur Riders (Rough Riders)
-Aside from the large Knight warmachines that herd the larger dinos on Knight Worlds, some Exodites ride smaller dinos to help herd and defend flocks of smaller beasts, grox and the like. In battle their prods can be overloaded to provide a short-lived but lethal attack.

Skimmers (Valkyrie/Vendetta)

Heavy Support:

Nothin'. After buying all the Stormtroopers, Vets and Skimmers you won't have any points left anyways.


  1. Interesting idea but what about the initative value? Aren't Imperial guard a little slow for Eldar? Also if the Exodites were to ride an animal it would more likely to be megadons(dragons) as their lives are based around this "dragon" herds.

    perhaps Dark Eldar would be a better way to field Exodites?

  2. With any counts-as army there's always going to be some element of hand-wavium and suspension of disbelief.

    Dark Eldar could work too, or even regular Eldar, but I wanted to take advantage of being able to do cavalry as well as skimmers, psykers and walkers.


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