Thursday, January 14, 2010

Counts-as Army ideas, part 12 - Tau Empire

Tau - high tech, lots of firepower.  What to use for a counts-as army for them?

We haven't used Orks yet, why not them?

"Orks as Tau?" you might say.  "Are you mad?" you might add.  Yes, of course I am!

How to do it?  Who are the Orks with the best stuff?  Meks!  So our force will be a group of Freebooters led by a talented Big Mek and his minions, loaded up with flashy guns and doo-dads.  Meks with fancy shootas, rokkit packs and supa'eavy armor backed up by up-gunned grots.  Alternatively you could model the Crisis suits as Deffkoptas.


O'Shoota (Commander Farsight)
-Big Mek with powerklaw to represent the Dawnblade.

Big Mek (Commander)


Meks (Crisis Suits)


Flash Grots (Fire Warriors)
-Grots in 'eavy armor with juiced up blastas.  Some may ride in Hovatanks (Devilfish) which can take on a variety of forms - hovercraft, helicopters, armored zeppelins, etc.

Fast Attack:

Stormgrots (Gun Drones)
-Armored grots with rokkit packs, have fancy shootas but the jostling around throws their aim off a bit.  They also serve as oilers for the various Hovatanks, as their rokkit packs enable them to catch up again in case they fall off.

Heavy Support:

Flash Gits (Broadside Battlesuits)
-Armed with just about the most powerful snazzguns imaginable.

Hovatank (Hammerhead)
-Hovatank with a Big Kannon (Railgun).

That's it for this time!  With Tyranids so new I may skip them for now and hop to Witch Hunters for the next installment.


  1. Glad you like it. You mentioned wanting to try something like it; hope you do!


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