Thursday, January 7, 2010

Counts-as Army ideas, part 2 - Chaos Daemons

Daemons. They all have invulnerable saves, Deep Strike onto the table, have hard-hitting close combat troops, some funky abilities and big walkers backing them up.

I didn't want to break out Ad-Mech so early, but that's what's coming to mind.

Invulnerable saves - Refractor fields, check!

Deep Strike - I can easily see an Ad-Mech force being teleported onto the battlefield, either from an orbiting ship or underground facility. Check!

Close combat - servitors and cyborg soldiers with all kinds of stabby additions. Check!

Funky abilities - "Any sufficiently advanced technology..." and all that. Check!

Big walkers - Big weapon platforms, funky tanks, knights - Check!

This is one of the books I don't have, so I'm sure I'm missing some tricks. But the basic force that came to mind is a bunch of combat-cyborgs (Bloodletters) backed up by heavy combat servitors (Bloodcrushers), cyborg attack beasts (Flesh Hounds) and Knights/funky walkers (Soul Grinders). Add in some Prime Units (Heralds) and you're good to go with a pretty mono-"Khorne" force.

You could add other things of course like some Flamers as gun servitors, vat-grown abominations as Greater Daemons, attack cherubs as furies, etc. if desired.

What other Ad-Mech "daemons" might you like to see on the table or create yourself?


  1. I like this idea and I have a box full of servitors to field it. Another thing would be gun servitors with exotic ammo as flamers of Teezentch.

  2. Excellent. I do think that the idea of AdMech lends itself to several good options - IG, Daemons, Necrons, WH, SM, CSM...


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