Thursday, November 24, 2016

Vraks: Take the Fort!

Scott and I both had the day off and decided to use part of it with the next section of the Siege of Vraks campaign.  The first mission was such a blow out for Krieg that we decided to skip the second mission (which is basically a continuation of the first one) and jump to the third.  Chaos is still the defender here, defending a strongpoint in the line as a horde of Krieg infantry attacks.

Front line for the defenders of Vraks. Wire, minefields, trenches, two pillboxes with emplaced heavy bolters and the fort (with inactive earthshaker cannon).

Krieg forces that will fit on the table cross no man's land towards the traitor lines.  With the first mission, we kept the 4th edition time table (up to 9 turns!) with 7th edition rules like Run and Flat Out.  That let the attackers cross a bit too easily.  For this we kept Run but went with 7th edition's game length (5-7 turns).

The quad launchers were some of the MVPs here.  While sometimes they would scatter of and only get 4 wounds, their initial barrage of 31 wounds was painful.  If we had treated hits in the trench as bypassing cover whole squads would have disappeared quickly.

Possibly the traitor MVPs.  Heavy stubbers may not seem like much in most games, but against guardsmen in the open they're pretty dangerous.

A unit of Disciples of Xaphan (essentially veterans) comes up through the underground access tunnels to occupy the second pillbox.

Death Korps starts to clear the wire...

...and assault the trenches!

Close combat by the first wave continues, with more reinforcements coming in behind.

With a section of defenses cleared, guardsmen head towards the fort.

The heavy stubber crews had been shot off of the roof, leaving the fort undefended.  The Disciples of Xaphan pile out of their pillbox to head off the attackers.  The lone sgt is gunned down by the squad in red, but the Disciples' attempted assault of the further squad falls short by one inch.  The game ended there at the end of turn six, with neither side in control of the fort.  Draw!


I also took the opportunity of seeing Scott to deliver his trophy for winning our Shards of Anaris campaign:


We had originally wanted to squeeze in the next mission, an armored battle, but got a later start than we originally hoped for.  Since we had all those tanks available though I set up a quick diorama:

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