Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kill Team: Into No Man's Land prelude

We're starting up a Kill Team campaign over the holidays, using GW's Into No Man's Land set (see your local store or online such as HERE for details.

 Today we clarified if we were going to do any modifications (set leader and specialist skills for the duration) and got some test games in.  Only three of us showed up, which made the meeting portion of the day go quickly, but hopefully is not an indicator of overall attendance.

Sonofsonsoftaurus and I got the first test game in prior to the meeting, with my Space Sharks against his Ultramarines.  My goal was to get off the enemy table edge, his was to kill a lot of me.

The Ultramarine missile launcher with ignores cover was brutal, picking off any approaching Space Sharks that showed themselves.

My team leader managed to make it off to cause trouble behind enemy lines, but he was the only one.  I had a few others make it close, but they failed their Hit and Run attempts and got brought down.  Ultramarine shooting stymied the advance elsewhere.  Ultra victory!

Next up Ultramarines vs. Mark's Orks (a bunch of shoota boyz with two rokkits and a nob).  They played Headhunter (?) where the goal is to kill the enemy team leader and specialists.


Marine fire discipline and good armor saves frustrate ork attempts at overrunning them.

In the end, neither team leader is taken out, they tie on specialists taken out and the orks squeak by on First Blood.  Victory orks!

For the third game Mark and I fought over a Supply Drop.  The actual objective turned out to be one that had scattered right on his table edge, forcing me to push hard into the orks.

The orks were slaughtered, with the few remaining contesting the objective with my team leader.  Eventually they either all died or fled the table after hanging around through several rounds of break tests.  Space Shark victory!  Though with some better/average shooting rolls from the orks things could have been quite different. 

Fun games, I look forward to more, and hopefully we'll see larger crowds soon!

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