Friday, November 18, 2016

These are Days

More things continue to pour forth from Games Workshop these days, things that not too long ago we thought we'd never see.  "The crazy old days are in the distant past" we said.  "GW is just in a rut of re-releasing the same things over and over" we said.

Then we start getting hit with Skiitari, Adeptus Mechanicus, Deathwatch, Genestealer Cult, plastic versions of Horus Heresy stuff/different marine armor marks, and now a daemon primarch and plastic Thousand Sons with their own codex.  The crazy days are here again.  Enjoy them!
 Predictions if this trend (hopefully) continues:

*Plastic Sisters of Battle, with their own codex, including frateris militia.  We've got cultists and beastmen and genestealer cultists, why not militia?

*The other three cult daemon primarchs, with cult codexes.  World Eaters, Death Guard, Emperor's Children.  
Those two are pretty much definite, unless they change direction drastically.  They've done that in the past, but I'm optimistic GW will hold to this course for a while.  Other predictions:

*Squa-  no, I don't think they'll go that far.  But I do expect they will make Dwarves for Age of Sigmar that are pretty close, finding a fit for them there.
*Eldar Corsairs - either incorporated into generic Eldar or as a sub-faction
*Plastic Sicaran tanks - they're pretty popular, and the popular Forge World stuff tends to make its way to plastic.  I expect they'll get retconned in as more prevalent than previously thought. 

*Necromunda - With two Space Hulk releases, boxed Horus Heresy games and Blood Bowl making a return and Kill Team redone, I fully expect a Necromunda release in the next few years. 

This wild expansion does bring some problems.  The more moving parts there are in a system, the harder it is to balance things, and the harder it becomes to make changes without blanket invalidations, and the longer it takes to update things.  But enjoy the variety and craziness.  This is another Golden Age, when you can see Adeptus Mechanicus battling Genestealer Cults next to a table with a plastic Thousand Sons army facing off against Harlequins.  Drink it in.

What have we not seen yet/have teased already that you'd want to see?


  1. I think Ecclesiarchy is a biggy. If GW don't do it FW might. A generic cultist box that could do Chaos Cultists, Frateris, Neophyte cultists, etc etc would be brilliant. Not sure it will ever happen.

    With Sisters/Ecclesiarchy we'll have filled in all the major forces aside from Arbites, so perhaps they would be next as part of a 'Forces of the Imperium' dex.

    Mind you with the end of the codex system it is easy for GW to release odds and ends just with datasheets, so perhaps we'll see Exodites, Hrud, Loxatl, Demiurge/Squats, Kroot mercenaries and other Dogs of War appearing in single datasheet splash releases.

    1. ...and the hits keep coming! Right on the heels of this came the Imperial Agents / Traitor Legions book reveals. I don't expect them to include Arbites in the Imperial Agents book, but it would be cool. They'll be in Necromunda later.


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