Sunday, December 4, 2016

Scythiak Usurpation vs. Ultramarines, Iron Warriors progress, Massilla campaign prelude

Sonofsonsoftaurus and I played a game at home, his Ultra vs. my Chaos Guard, the Scythiak Usurpation.  2000pts, and I had him set up the terrain and scenario.  I am attacking the entrenched Ultramarines, having driven them out of the city (or did I?  Likely a feigned retreat to overextend the heretics) and am trying to break through to their landing areas.  We each get a point for each unit destroyed, and I get a point for every unit I get off the far table edge.  Ultras have to all start on the table, no reserves.

I don't think this will go well, trying to assault the space marines and terminators with my guardsmen.  My best bet is to hunker down and try to outshoot him and go for a narrow kill point win, but that's not in the spirit of the scenario, so I line up and prepare to drown his bolters with bodies.

Marneus Calgar calls down an orbital strike on the advancing Ogryn.

Half the ogryn dissolve in a burst of fiery judgment.

Cavalry breaks towards the devastators, but three out of four snap-firing lascannons strike home on overwatch, vaporizing three riders.

Undeterred, the remainder make it to the marines and battle ensues.

Continuing the theme of overkill (orbital strike, lascannons against cavalrymen) Tigerius moves up with his Centurion escort and drops a vortex on some chaos guardsmen.

Devastator sgt is the only survivor from his squad, but he finished off the rough riders and moves to support the centurions who are battling a squad that charged them to avoid massive firepower.

Chaos forces advance on the right, while dreadnought turns back to dispatch spawn-riders.  Vortex scatters close to some Ultramarines.

The squad tangling with the Centurions breaks and runs.  At this point we call it, as the marines are way ahead on kill points and will pick up a few more in the following turn.   Weapon teams and armor cover each other, leapfrogging back to the city while the Ultramarines prepare for their counterattack against the blooded and disordered heretics.  Victory Ultramarines!


I've also been plodding through the Iron Warriors.  Above are some further along.

And a bunch more slightly less far along.


I also stopped by the store where some others were playing a pre-campaign game for our next endeavor, the Massilla campaign, where chaos and imperium clash on a world with eldar-like inhabitants, the Aldun, caught in the middle.  Will they be foes of one side and friends to the other or just caught in the middle?  We shall see.  Here the natives are stuck between Scott with Khorne Daemonkin and Leonard and Nathan's Imperial Fists and Iron Hands, respectively.

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