Sunday, November 6, 2016

Iron Assembly Line

Most of the assembly is done for the Iron Warriors.  25 tacticals, 5 assault, 5 sternguard, 15 devastators, 11 terminators, two thunderfire cannons, dreadnought.  Still waiting on parts to do a Mk III missile launcher dev squad.  Most backpacks left off until after initial painting.

Sternguard, simple MKIII legion armor, bolters with box mags and scopes, Iron Hands heads for some extra bionics/upgrades.  Awaiting MKIII Iron Warrior pads.

The bases are temporary, I will be using the GW Sector Imperialis bases for them.  Now that they are assembled, when I get another warm day I'll prime them and get to work. 

I also picked up the Burning of Prospero set, pretty neat.  Love the plastic MkIII marines.  A little disappointed in them as a kit in that the only HW they have is a heavy bolter (Mk IVs had HB and ML) and no flamer as far as I can tell (have melta and plasma).  They do have a thunderhammer for the sgts, so I will forgive them a bit.


  1. Lovely to see, that's some production line!

    I am thinking about getting some quad mortars to act as Thunderfire guns too.

    1. I figure it is pretty much the same thing, and helps make them more easily 30K compliant if I get the opportunity.


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