Sunday, May 22, 2016

League Battle Report: Sons of Taurus vs. Imperial Fists 2000pts

Here's the 2000pts of Sons of Taurus in all their glory, such as it is.  I'm not 100% happy with how some things turned out, but good enough for now and moving on to other things.

Today the army had its first 2000pt outing, against Leonard's Imperial Fists.  We played one of the Space Marine missions from the Angels of Death book, where I started on half of the table and the marines came on turn one, including being able to outflank/deep strike turn one with appropriate units.

I deployed the army together, awaiting the Imperial assault.  Obliterators and a cultist unit in reserve.  The drop pods slam down boxing the traitors in, while devastators, land raider and contemptor dreadnought move in.

Scouts also outflank to cover an objective in the shrine on the outskirts.  The Imperial Fists try to melta the maulerfiend right out of the gate, but its daemonic save well, saves it.  The cultists up front get largely gunned down, but the few survivors pass their morale test.

Retaliation!  Maulerfiend zips over to engage scouts while marine blob moves to attack the drop pod squad.

Minotaurs and cultist survivors head towards another squad.  The cultists absorb the overwatch, allowing the minotaurs to arrive unmolested.

On the left, dreadnought takes the overwatch and pins the loyalists down while the traitor marines follow him in.  

Sgt. Fisticuffs, hero of a recent battle against the Eldar steps up to face the chaos champion's challenge.  They punch each other to death while the Chaplain holds off the dreadnought and the rest of the marines get trampled by the charging enemy.
The dread and chaplain remain locked, and chaos marines can't consolidate over to the chaplain, ending their part of the combat.  

Minos slaughters his challenge opponent, but gets no reward.  Hashut is a stingy god.

Cultist survivors break and flee, and continue to do so for the rest of the game, very slowly fleeing so as not to attract too much attention from their masters.  Minotaurs and marines battle on.

VORP!  Ten lightning-claw armed terminators teleport in.

Dreadnought gunned down by centurions who emerged from the land raider to keep it from tying up the terminators.  CSM gun down a few terminators, and vindicator accounts for a few more.

Contemptor charges into CSM, maulerfiend eyes another scout squad.

Speeder shoots up the back of the vindicator, damaging it but not quite finishing it off.  Dread kills chaplain and moves over to take out speeder.

Centroid obliterators teleport in (after having mishapped last turn) and with two accurate plasma cannon shots take out the centurions, but not before they have helped to destroy one of the chaos marine units.

Maulerfiend comes to the "rescue", and leads with a glass jaw.  Contemptor crushes it, but Minos with his armorbane claw and champion with meltabombs get to pile in closer.

Minos tears down the contemptor, but its explosion kills four from his squad.  With the survivors he moves on the central objective, just in time for the marines to finish off the minotaurs.  Lucky shot from the vindicator immobilizes the land raider.  Minos manages to make it to the center and claim that objective, while cultists hold the one on the board edge.  Scouts hold the shrine, but victory to the Sons of Taurus!

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