Friday, May 27, 2016

Jornath: Da Scent of Angels

"Beakies is comin!  I can smell em!"

This is a battle set on the world of Jornath, where a bunch of locals who are getting back into 40K are bashing some Orks and Imperials together.  Here we have a bunch of Blood Axes rallying in the north, protected from orbital fire by a power field generator.  Intent on disrupting the Ork advances against the beleaguered planetary defenders, elements of several Chapters launch strikes against Ork concentrations.

For the mission the Orks start in the middle, out of transports.  John and his Blood Angels arrive from any board edge.  Victory conditions are kill points plus slay the warlord.  If the Warboss dies, the remaining Orks can elect to make a break for it and any of their units that make it off the edges with at least 50% strength don't count as destroyed.

A vindicator, two whirlwinds and a passel of Death Company arrive, hitting the orks on two sides.

Main group of Death company with Lemartes rocketing towards a mob of shoota boys.

Smaller group of death company and librarian head towards smaller mob of slugga boys.

Blood Angels tanks tear chunks out of the orks, wiping out bikers while they're at it.  Librarian uses blood lance and immobilizes a trukk.  Death Company units then charge into the depleted orks, wiping out their targets.

The ard boys pile onto the librarian's unit, while the deff dread engages Lemartes'.  

Meanwhile, the still-mobile vehicles move away from the vindicator and toss some rokkits at a whirlwind to no effect.

The ard boys, led by the warboss destroy their target and consolidate towards the other unit pinned down by the dreadnought.

More Blood Angels arrive by drop pod, able to land on target with the beacon the librarian carried beneath the ork shields.  They pour fire into the orks along with the artillery tanks.

The ard boys are wiped out, leaving the warboss alone. 

Using the aggression that helped make him a boss in the first place, the ork leader barrels towards the tactical squad.

Not wanting to get hit by another whirlwind blast, the surviving shoota orks head towards the protection of the battlewagon but don't quite make it.  They take another whirlwind hit and flee, but later rally and make their way onboard.

The boss takes a wound from overwatch and another in the combat, but gives the marines a good beatdown.  Dread slowly whittles down death company.

After finishing off the tactical squad, boss makes his way over to the main remaining threat, the vindicator.  He makes it across the crater and charges in, tearing it apart with his power klaw and causing an explosion.

Which takes his last wound!  Warboss down.  

We tallied up points, and ended up with a 7-7 tie.  The Blood Angels whirlwinds back away, while the surviving orks loot what they can and go looking for a bigger group to mob up with.  Or, with a battlewagon and a dreadnought, perhaps take over!

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