Sunday, May 1, 2016

Battle Report: Sons of Taurus vs. Luna Wolves

Through the vagaries of the warp, Patrick returned from the Tournament Crusade, along with a pack of Luna Wolves, displaced across millenia with a variety of equipment.  I used my Sons of Taurus, with some partially completed infantry (pictured here infiltrating) while Patrick brought a tame largely MSU Space Wolves force, six 5 man grey hunters in pods, one five man in a rhino, three speeders with assault cannon/heavy bolter, some wolf scouts with sniper rifles and a skyclaw pack with wolf lord. 1500pts, and we played the Altar of War/Angels of Death mission "Willing Sacrifice", which has three objectives and some different deployment requirements.

Wait, there's not two centurion units plus thunderwolves?  We have a chance!  Move out!

First pods come down.  Patrick has some pretty bad shooting, especially first turn, especially with the speeders, with three assault cannons and three heavy bolters netting three wounds on the spawn.  The bolters from the marines and storm bolters from pods don't roll much better, but do take out five cultists, enough (barely) for a leadership check.

Which they promptly fail.  They fall back, and finish fleeing the table next turn.

Obliterator  drops in to visit the scouts.

Maulerfiend charges speeder (but whiffs his attacks), spawn hit another, and marines hit skyclaws.

Dreadnoughts tangle with marines.  The Luna Wolves have poor krak grenade luck, but tie up the walkers for quite a while.

Sons of Taurus clear out the wolf lord and skyclaws.  Minos' reward for winning his challenge is...unworthy offering.  Could be worse.

Speeders whittle spawn down to one bull with one wound, and some marines exit rhino to rapid fire the chaos marines.  The CSM return the favor and wipe the Luna Wolves pack out.

"Why aren't these grenades working?"  "I don't know!  Try pushing the pin in tighter before you throw it!"

More pods, shooting up more cultists.  These stick around.

Maulerfiend comes back from snacking on speeders and explodes drop pod sitting on objective.

Dreadnoughts try to finish off marines around garden of drop pods and wrecked vindicator.  

At the end of turn five, Patrick had marines on two out of the three objectives.  Unfortunately (for him) the game continued.  Dreadnoughts cleared one, and firepower and maulerfiend cleared the other, giving me a lucky last-minute win.


Fun game, which Patrick would have won if the game ended turn five.  If he had a little better luck with some shooting or krak grenades against dreads he probably could have won regardless.  He did a really good job of focusing on the mission and the objectives.  This is my second game in a row against an army consisting mostly of a bunch of small squads in transports, and they are certainly challenging to clear away.  Not sure how fun it would really be to play as such an army, at least with marines. 

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  1. Love all space wolves!



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