Sunday, January 19, 2014

Void Phantoms update, Space Sharks vs. Necrons

I've gotten some more updates done on the Void Phantoms in the form of progress on the Swooping Hawks and Dire Avengers.  Just need basing and sealing for the most part.

And the Ghost Warrior Who Walks.  The face turned out all crusty, will have to clear that off and start over, or try sanding down the rough parts.

I also got in a 1500pt game with Patrick and his Necrons today.  Most of the pictures turned out terribly, but a few decent ones remained.  So no batrep, but a few pics below.

Assault squad preps to flamer the scarabs to death.

Hero of the match.  His holding on against the Praetorians and Imhotek kept the 4pt objective neutral, keeping the game tied.

This was my first actual game with the new Marine book, and I definitely need some more practice with it.  I forgot to use my Chapter Master's orbital bombardment, forgot the Hit & Run when it would have helped my Assault Squad get away from the C'tan and let the bikers light him up.  Definitely need to make myself some reminders!

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